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190 Possible Causes for Halo Vision, Photophobia

  • Keratitis

    This was accompanied with photophobia and blurring of vision after being injured by a wooden particle while cutting grass.[] After 4 days, he presented with pain, photophobia, tearing, and decreased vision in both eyes.[] Topical drugs to relieve photophobia include atropine 1% or scopolamine 0.25% tid.[]

  • Glaucoma

    In these cases, you may have sudden eye pain , headache , blurred vision, or the appearance of halos around lights.[] A 55-year-old female was referred for a second opinion regarding her bilateral ocular pain, photophobia, and ocular hypertension.[] […] events Alpha‐agonists (e.g. apraclonidine, brimonidine) Allergic reactions Blurred vision Burning/stinging/discomfort Follicular conjunctival response Hyperemia Itching Photophobia[]

  • Digitalis Toxicity

    Digoxin toxicity Cardiology Clinical findings of digoxin overdose Clinical Loss of appetite, N&V, defects in color vision–reds and greens, or seeing halos around lights, psychotic[] Drug intoxication can also bring about the following: photopsia, photophobia, snowy vision, transient amblyopia or scotomata, yellow halos around lights (xanthopsia) and decreased[] Here are some of the signs and symptoms of digitalis toxicity: includes: Confusion Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea Blurred Vision Halos or rings of light around objects It is important[]

  • Blepharitis

    This includes darkening around the edges of your vision, dark spots in front of your eyes, halos around bright lights, a loss of vision in one part of your field of sight[] Average subjective symptom grading improved statistically after treatment with oral azithromycin, except for eyelid hyperemia, photophobia, and foreign body sensation.[] Common symptoms associated with blepharitis are burning sensation, irritation, tearing, photophobia, blurred vision, and red eyes.[]

  • Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma

    Symptoms of Acute Angle Closure attacks include: Blurring of vision Halos (rainbow colour rings around lights) Severe Pain Redness of the eye Nausea and/or vomiting Treatment[] The case is reported of a 52-year-old woman who suffered a minor head injury and orbital trauma and returned 2 days later with a unilateral headache, vomiting and photophobia[] On the other hand, intermittent acute angle closure glaucoma is characterized by mild symptoms that are non-continuous and painless, along with halos and blurring of vision[]

  • Conjunctivitis

    Corneal opacities occasionally result in decreased vision and significant halos and starbursts.[] Photophobia is minimal. Family members with similar complaints typically present with conjunctivitis from an infectious cause.[] Symptoms include irritation, photophobia, and watery discharge. Diagnosis is clinical; sometimes viral cultures or immunodiagnostic testing is indicated.[]

  • Uveitis

    This can cause your vision to be misty and halos to appear around lights.[] […] eye; consensual photophobia is typical of iritis, whereas photophobia due to more superficial causes, such as conjunctivitis, is direct but not consensual.[] RESULTS: A 30-year-old man presented with headaches, ocular pain, photophobia, and blurred vision.[]

  • Anterior Uveitis

    Patients between the ages of 20 and 40 may present with sudden blurring of vision, halos, and ipsilateral headaches, she said, indicating that about two-thirds of patients[] She had no discharge, mild pain and intense photophobia. She was referred to the acute eye clinic after 1 day and she was noted to have acute anterior uveitis.[] This can cause your vision to be misty and halos to appear around lights.[]

  • Disorder of the Vitreous Body

    […] have a sudden onset of: Blurred vision Halos around lights at night Eye redness or pain Headache Extreme weakness Nausea and vomiting Prevention Glaucoma cannot be prevented[] Encyclopedia) Heterochromia (Medical Encyclopedia) Ophthalmoscopy (Medical Encyclopedia) Orbit CT scan (Medical Encyclopedia) Orbital pseudotumor (Medical Encyclopedia) Photophobia[] These vasodilators cause symptoms in the eyes such as: Watering and tearing Itching Swelling and redness Photophobia Foreign body sensation Most of these symptoms are not[]

  • Intumescent Cataract

    Polyopia and monocular diplopia Coloured haloes SYMPTOMS: 9. BLURRED VISION DUE TO SCATTERING OF LIGHT ON THE RETINA 10. blurred vision 11.[] […] includes megalocornea, congenital glaucoma, and keratoglobus. [6] Congenital glaucoma is a progressive and often asymmetrical disease, with symptoms including tearing and photophobia[] Reduced visual acuity : blurred, clouded, or dim vision The impairment of vision is usually painless and often bilateral.[]

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