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157 Possible Causes for Halo Vision, Secondary Glaucoma

  • Glaucoma

    Abstract We have reviously described surgical techniues for draining severe cases of secondary glaucoma by means of an artificial implant.[] In these cases, you may have sudden eye pain , headache , blurred vision, or the appearance of halos around lights.[] Secondary glaucoma occurs due to a known cause. Both open- and closed-angle glaucoma can be secondary when caused by something known.[]

  • Cataract

    Symptoms include difficulty seeing well at night and especially when trying to drive at night, cloudy vision, halos around lights, double vision in one eye, light sensitivity[] In this case report, we described the examination and diagnosis of a case of iridoschisis accompanied by secondary glaucoma.[] Common symptoms of cataracts include: blurry vision trouble seeing at night seeing colors as faded increased sensitivity to glare halos surrounding lights double vision in[]

  • Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma

    Peripheral iris cysts may produce angle closure and may cause secondary angle-closure glaucoma.[] Symptoms of Acute Angle Closure attacks include: Blurring of vision Halos (rainbow colour rings around lights) Severe Pain Redness of the eye Nausea and/or vomiting Treatment[] On the other hand, intermittent acute angle closure glaucoma is characterized by mild symptoms that are non-continuous and painless, along with halos and blurring of vision[]

  • Angle Closure Glaucoma

    Some early symptoms in people at risk for angle-closure glaucoma include blurred vision, halos in their vision, headache, mild eye pain or redness.[] Neovascular glaucoma: secondary angle closure glaucoma with rubeosis iridis. Neovascular glaucoma: secondary angle closure glaucoma with rubeosis iridis.[] Symptoms of acute angle closure are severe ocular pain and redness, decreased vision, colored halos around lights, headache, nausea, and vomiting.[]

  • Intumescent Cataract

    Lens extraction in secondary chronic congestive glaucoma due to intumescent cataract- A modified technique of iridectomy.[] Polyopia and monocular diplopia Coloured haloes SYMPTOMS: 9. BLURRED VISION DUE TO SCATTERING OF LIGHT ON THE RETINA 10. blurred vision 11.[] Reduced visual acuity : blurred, clouded, or dim vision The impairment of vision is usually painless and often bilateral.[]

  • Blepharitis

    This includes darkening around the edges of your vision, dark spots in front of your eyes, halos around bright lights, a loss of vision in one part of your field of sight[] Always see a medical professional immediately if you have any sudden changes in vision.[]

  • Eyeball Injury

    Secondary Glaucoma Secondary Glaucoma can develop after an injury to the eye.[] […] flashing lights, spots, halos or shadows in your field of vision blood visible in your eye an irregularly shaped pupil (the black dot at the centre of the eye) pain when[] […] immediately to your nearest accident and emergency (A&E) department if you have: persistent or severe eye pain foreign bodies that can't be washed out decreased or double vision[]

  • Keratitis

    Wilki AAO 09 Herpetic uveitis and secondary glaucoma Sometimes the herpetic uveitis causes glaucoma.[]

  • Uveitis

    Complications may include band keratopathy, cataract, secondary glaucoma, posterior synechiae, cystoid macular edema, and hypotony.[] This can cause your vision to be misty and halos to appear around lights.[] The proposed diagnoses were iridocyclitis and secondary glaucoma of the right eye.[]

  • Disorder of the Vitreous Body

    Secondary glaucoma , which usually results from trauma, chronic steroid use or disease.[] You are sensitive to light and suffer from glare problems, see halos or a shadow.[] Glaucoma Normal View This is a normal view of a street with no loss of peripheral vision.[]

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