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897 Possible Causes for Hand Contracture

  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type Progeroid

    Growth delay Feeding difficulties Areflexia Erythema Apnea Tachycardia Open mouth Hand clenching Abnormality of the mitochondrion Limited hip extension Blotching pigmentation[] […] ulceration Premature osteoarthritis Alacrima Limb-girdle muscle weakness Congenital muscular torticollis Limb-girdle muscle atrophy Necrotizing myopathy Plantar flexion contractures[]

  • Dupuytren Contracture

    Hand trauma: Although not a causal factor, higher rates of Dupuytren's contracture are observed in those who have experienced hand trauma.[] Abstract Collagenase enzymatic fasciotomy is an accepted nonsurgical treatment for disabling hand contractures caused by Dupuytren disease.[] Abstract Collagenase Clostridium histolyticum (CCH) injection is a nonoperative treatment of hand contractures from Dupuytren disease.[]

  • Volkmann's Contracture

    […] which is characterized by a flexion contracture characterized by a clawlike hand deformity.[] The circulatory complications of forearm fractures may be divided into three classes: A, simple swelling of the hand; B, transitory contracture of the fingers; and C, Volkmann's[] This leads to contracture deformities of the fingers, hand, and wrist.[]

  • Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome

    We describe two proof-of-concept trials of delayed non-operative therapy of multiple hand and wrist contractures in a woman with a severe expression of Freeman-Sheldon syndrome[] Freeman Sheldon syndrome is a disorder present from birth ( congenital ) characterized by joint deformities ( contractures ) that restrict movement in the hands and feet and[] Flexion contractures of fingers were so severe as to prevent their extension.[]

  • Joint Contracture

    […] joint of hand Contracture of L hand joint Contracture of left finger joint due to scar Contracture of left hand joint Contracture of R hand joint Contracture of right finger[] […] wrist M24.532 - Contracture, left wrist M24.539 - Contracture, unspecified wrist M24.54 - Contracture, hand M24.541 - Contracture, right hand M24.542 - Contracture, left[] […] to scar Contracture of bilat hand joints Contracture of bilateral finger joints due to scar Contracture of bilateral hand joints Contracture of hand joint Contracture of[]

  • Hip Contracture

    Features Adjustable position locking joints Provide controlled range of motion Provides stability Conditions Wrist Contracture Hand Contracture Finger Contracture Features[] […] wrist M24.541 Contracture, right hand M24.542 Contracture, left hand M24.549 Contracture, unspecified hand M24.55 Contracture, hip M24.551 Contracture, right hip M24.552[] , elbow M24.53 - Contracture, wrist M24.54 - Contracture, hand M24.56 - Contracture, knee M24.57 - Contracture, ankle and foot[]

  • Scar Contractures

    This article discusses scar contracture of the hand. It contains a brief outline of the anatomy of the hand and upper extremities and the types of injuries involved.[] Ten hands with deep second- or third-degree burn (n 6) and burn scar contracture (n 4) of the dorsal hand in eight patients were treated with split-thickness skin grafting[] KEYWORDS: carbon dioxide; contracture; fractional; function; hand; laser; pediatric; scar; therapy [Indexed for MEDLINE] Free full text[]

  • Ledderhose Disease

    He reported having a fasciectomy of the right hand for Dupuytren's contracture, which recurred postoperatively.[] Both hands can be affected by Dupuytren's contracture, but one hand is usually more severe than the other. The hand deformity makes it harder to grasp large objects.[] Talking hands want answers in Endo's new disease awareness ads for Dupuytren’s contracture.[]

  • Congenital Absence of both Forearm and Hand

    Hand deformity. Short forearm. Stiffness or contracture in hand, wrist, or elbow.[] Absent fingers or thumb Hand deformity Short forearm Stiffness or contracture in hand, wrist, or elbow, which is caused by a shortening, thickening, and/or excess of connective[] Another example of failure of the hand to separate is seen in contractures of the hand.[]

  • Arthrogryposis Syndrome

    contracture of the wrist.  Hand  Flexion contractures of interphalangeal joints(most common).  Metacarpophalangeal joints relative extension contractures.  Thumb is usually[] For example, a mother may have contractures in all of her joints, but her child may only be affected with contractures in the hands.[] Contractures with severe scoliosis V Contractures with ocular signs and symptoms such as limited eye motion, ptosis, strabismus, and the absence of typical hand flexion creases[]

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