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2,027 Possible Causes for Hand Deformity

  • Sclerodactyly

    […] affecting the hands of people with scleroderma.[] Video: Sclerodactyly Skin Hardening of Hands or Feet Presented by Amanda Thorpe Sclerodactyly is a tapering deformity of the bones of the fingers, defined by tight, stretched[] […] sclerodactyly /scle·ro·dac·ty·ly/ ( -dak tĭ-le ) localized scleroderma of the digits. sclerodactyly [sklir′ōdak′tilē] Etymology: Gk, skleros daktylos, finger a musculoskeletal deformity[]

  • Moebius Syndrome

    Claw hand Claw hand deformities Claw hands Claw-hand deformities Split-hand [ more ] 0001171 Sporadic No previous family history 0003745 Syndactyly Webbed fingers or toes[] deformity (12, 13).[] Musculoskeletal involvement included thoracic anomalies observed in 5 %, absence or hypoplasia of pectoralis major muscle in 3 %, chest, arms and hand deformities in 14 %,[]

  • Maffucci Syndrome

    These cases emphasize the importance of early diagnosis of Ollier Disease and Maffucci Syndrome, as these two conditions are associated not only to crippling hand deformity[] […] involving both hands.[] The tumors are found on the long bones of hands, fingers and feet, and can cause deformity and fractures.[]

  • Dandy-Walker Syndrome

    Malformations of the central nervous system are the second most common congenital anomalies, the highest being congenital heart disease. With the advent of routine obstetric ultrasounds and anomaly scans the diagnosis are made in the antenatal period. Dandy-Walker syndrome is are complex developmental anomaly of[…][]

  • Madelung Deformity

    It is a rare condition which represents only 1.7% of hand deformities being characterized by the presence of an abnormal structure, Vickers ligament, that tethers the distal[] Madelung deformity. Editorial. J Hand Surg [Br] 1988; 13:3–4. 2. Kelikian H. Congenital Deformities of the Hand and Forearm. Philadelphia: WB Saunders, 1974. 3.[] Madelung's deformity: a surgical technique. J Hand Surg [Br] 1993; 18:601–5. 12. Burrows H.[]

  • Congenital Absence of both Forearm and Hand

    What are the different classifications of congenital hand deformities? The classifications for hand deformities can vary.[] What are congenital hand deformities?[] Congenital hand deformities are abnormalities of a baby’s hand that are present at birth.[]

  • Freeman-Sheldon Syndrome

    .: 6 Case Study Retracted: Freeman Sheldon Syndrome with Characteristic Whistling Face and Windmill Vane Hand Deformity Radhamohan Rana 1* , Rohit Bhandar 2 and Sharangouda[] The hand deformities include ulnar deviation of the fingers, camptodactyly, first web space contracture, and hypoplasia of the thumb.[] KEYWORDS: arthrogryposis; clubfoot; congenital foot deformities; congenital hand deformities; congenital limb deformities; congenital lower extremity deformities; congenital[]

  • Ectrodactyly

    Several other APS exist, but they tend to have less severe hand deformities.[] Clinical description The expression of the phenotype is highly variable and ranges from bilateral aplasia of tibiae and split-hand/split-foot deformity (tetramonodactyly or[] The hand deformity consists of brachydactyly, hand hypoplasia, and simple syndactyly. The central digits are most often affected.[]

  • Vitamin D Deficiency

    On the other hand, deformities such as bowed legs and the rachitic rosary persist throughout adult life.[]

  • Foot Deformity

    The full-blown syndrome consists of bilateral aplasia of tibiae and split-hand/split-foot deformity.[] Despite the severe hand/foot deformities, the skull base and the tubular bones were sclerotic.[] A intermarried consanguineous family with split-hand and -foot deformity occurring in two sibship is presented.[]

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