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16 Possible Causes for Hand Stiffness, Joint Crepitation, Progressive Contractures

  • Osteoarthritis

    Another characteristic symptom of the disease is the progressive incapacity of the joint to function, leading – in the long run – to loss of mobility.[] The exam may show: Joint movement that causes a crackling (grating) sound, called crepitation Joint swelling (bones around the joints may feel larger than normal) Limited[] Fingers and Hands When OA occurs in hands and fingers, you may experience stiffness, numbness, and aching.[]

  • Arthritis

    Flexion contractures may require intensive exercise, casting, or immobilization (eg, splinting) in progressively more stretched-open positions.[] The warning signs for either form are joint swelling, particularly in the hands and feet, and early morning stiffness that lasts more than half an hour.[] Stiffness and pain in joints, especially after sleeping. Fever. Fatigue. Red, puffy hands. Hard bumps (called rheumatoid nodules) just under the skin near the joints.[]

  • Polyarthritis

    The characteristic rapid progression of palmar contracture is a key finding that suggests the potential existence of a malignancy. [Indexed for MEDLINE] Free full text[] Frequent complaints are: Tenderness Arthralgia Joint swelling Joint effusion Joint deformity Stiffness Reduced motion range Crepitation Affected joints may be in close proximity[] CASE 2 A 86 year old white man presented with a three week history of severe swelling of the right hand associated with pain and morning stiffness.[]

  • Internal Joint Prosthesis Broken

    As one progresses distally to the midthigh level, it is increasingly difficult to compensate prosthetically for a hip flexion contracture.[] […] work in hand therapy.[] At the short transfemoral level, flexion contracture of up to 25 degrees may be accommodated by prosthetic alignment, but hip extensor power, needed for good prosthetic knee[]

  • Osteoarthritis of the Knee

    , knee ROM, medial BMLs, medial subchondral bone cysts and medial trabecular bone texture are associated with the cOA progression.[] Decrease in muscle power Instability of the joint Crepitations This type of OA can be caused by obesity, trauma, inflammatory or genetically [4] X-ray: The basic X-ray is[] […] knobs at the middle finger joints (known as Bouchard's nodes ) and at the farthest finger joints (known as Heberden's nodes ) are a common feature of osteoarthritis in the hands[]

  • Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Destructive surface changes contribute to pain and loss of motion, while ongoing growth disturbances and contractures produce further deformity (Figure 1).[] Bilateral crepitations, malocclusion, weakness of the mastication muscles were present. Other joints and eye examination was normal.[] But if I accidentally eat anything with eggs or dairy in it, the very next day my hands are stiff and sore.[]

  • Hallux Rigidus

    , arthrofibrosis, and progressive DJD, make the results of these procedures unpredictable.[] The metatarsal phalangeal joint (big toe joint) is swollen, both dorsally and medially. On palpation and range of motion crepitation of the joint can be detected.[] Every morning my whole body was stiff and painful getting out of bed.[]

  • Osteochondritis Dissecans of Shoulders, Elbows, and Knees

    In the elbow, progressive joint contracture, unresolved symptoms after conservative treatment, and fixed contracture of more than 10 with elbow pain are common indications[] cases involving the knee Crepitation (a crackling sound) within the joint with motion Often, no symptoms (condition is diagnosed when x-rays.[] It most commonly affects the knee (75% of cases) but can also affect the elbow, ankle, shoulder, hand, wrist or hip.[]

  • Spondylitic Aortitis

    In 196 1, arthritis of his hips developed with progressive damage and flexion contracture of these joints.[] Ankylosis, Joint Crepitation, Joint Dislocation, Joint Dislocation Postoperative, Joint Injury, Joint Instability, Joint Lock, Joint Range of Motion Decreased, Joint Sprain[] There is morning stiffness and limitation of back movement. There may not be much in the way of symptoms and it may be noted radiologically.[]

  • Barré-Liéou Syndrome

    It is as important to stop RSD from spreading as it is to stop it from progressing through stages 1-3.[] JR admitted that he frequently self adjusts or pops many of the joints in his body.[] One could hypothesize that in cervical vertigo could occur when neck input became dominant over vestibular, due to neck pain or stiffness.[]

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