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17 Possible Causes for Hand Tremor, Paranoid Ideation, Paranoid Personality Disorder

  • Acute Amphetamine Intoxication

    ideations sympathetic activation appetite, tachycardia, pupillary dilation, hypertension, angina can cause severe vasospasm MI - coronary vasospasm placental infarction -[] Intense intoxication may cause paranoid ideation, auditory hallucinations in a clear sensorium, and tactile hallucinations (e.g., formication or a feeling of bugs under the[] […] block biogenic amine (DA, NE, 5HT) reuptake Intoxication presentation mental status changes euphoria, psychomotor agitation, grandiosity, hallucinations (including tactile), paranoid[]

  • Amphetamine Delusional Disorder

    ., hallucinations, paranoid ideation, delusions, disorganized thinking, grossly disorganized behaviour) which involves and typically occurs following an overdose on psychostimulants[] […] significant overlap with delusional disorder obsessive-compulsive disorder patients often have insight into their obsessions and compulsions paranoid personality disorder[] Intense intoxication may cause paranoid ideation, auditory hallucinations in a clear sensorium, and tactile hallucinations (e.g., formication or a feeling of bugs under the[]

  • Schizophrenia

    ; schizotypal, schizoid, or paranoid personality disorders ; and atypical reactive disorders.[] Findings suggest that (1) for SPD, the most characteristic (core) DSM-III symptoms are odd communication, suspiciousness/paranoid ideation, and social isolation, while the[] , a masklike face, salivation, motor retardation, a shuffling gait, and pill-rolling hand movements.” 11 Tardive dyskinesia involves “slow, rhythmical, repetitive, involuntary[]

  • Dementia

    ., 1987 ), evaluating the presence and severity of 25 behavioral symptoms in 7 symptomatic categories (paranoid and delusional ideation, hallucination, activity disturbances[] Sources of systematic measurement error/bias Motor impairment (including paresis or a tremor in the dominant hand) and illiteracy were based on the ADAMS neuropsychological[]

  • Pernicious Anemia

    Megaloblastic madness is less common and can be manifested by delusions, hallucinations, outbursts, and paranoid schizophrenic ideation.[] In the early stages of pernicious anemia, you may not feel some sensations in your hands or feet or you may not sense which position they're in.[] Memory impairment, tremors, confusion, depression or paranoia may also occur. During a physical exam, your doctor may notice your reflexes are diminished.[]

  • Stimulant

    The results of an open study including eight amphetamine psychotic patients show that the symptoms of excitement and paranoid ideation are significantly decreased within 60[] Other effects include increased urine production, higher blood sugar levels, hand tremors, loss of coordination, decreased appetite, and delayed sleep.[] The major presenting symptoms for MA users pertain primarily to altered mental status, including confusion, delusions, paranoid reactions, hallucinations, and suicidal ideation[]

  • Ecstasy

    ideation, delusions, illusions, hallucinations (typically visual or tactile, less commonly auditory, olfactory, or vestibular), restlessness, distractibility, tremor {which[] […] of the hands or tongue.[] Withdrawal syndrome with delirium; an acute psychotic state occurring during the withdrawal phase in alcohol-dependent individuals and characterized by confusion, disorientation, paranoid[]

  • Mescaline

    (via alkaloid ) hallucinogen Drugs capable of inducing illusions, hallucinations, delusions, paranoid ideations and other alterations of mood and thinking.[] This is how the aesthetic tour de force starts: Aug 28, 1971, Saturday, 6 pm Vivaldi — flowing — expectancy — surveying all the objects in front Slight weakness & tremor of[] […] limbs — lying down — evening sunlight fell on my stretched hand with watch, golden-yellow hair — the sun was really a reflection in a west-facing window — Dry chalklike feeling[]

  • Organic Personality Disorder

    personality disorder (Medical Encyclopedia) Paranoid personality disorder (Medical Encyclopedia) Personality disorders (Medical Encyclopedia) Schizoid personality disorder[] ideation.[] (b) Sweating (c) Pacing (d) Clenching of fists, teeth and hands Personal Safety and Take Down Interventions It may become necessary to physically restrain an agitated person[]

  • Postencephalitic Parkinson Disease

    […] towards a serious personality disorder, as suggested by a number of researchers.[] Abnormal thinking and behavior may present with one or more symptoms, including paranoid ideation, delusions, hallucinations, confusion, psychotic-like behavior, disorientation[] Initial symptoms include hand tremors, limb rigidity, and problems walking. As the disease progresses, cognitive problems may develop and advance into dementia.[]

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