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818 Possible Causes for Happy Personality

  • Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome

    People with both syndromes don't develop spoken language skills, have severe intellectual disability, and a happy personality.[] Persons with PTHS may also experience behavioral issues including hyperactivity and anxiety. Some meet criteria for an autism spectrum disorder .[] Not every person with PTHS will have every single symptom of PTHS.[]

  • Overeating

    Instead, make it clear that you care about the person’s health and happiness and you’ll continue to be there.[]

  • Common Cold

    Happiness is everything, or is it? Explorations on the meaning of psychological well-being . Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 57, 1069 – 1081 .[]

  • Insomnia

    , happiness, worry, rumination, self-consciousness, sensitivity, dysfunctional beliefs, self-conscious emotion regulation, coping, nocturnal mentation, wake resting-state[] Although insomnia itself does not lead to other medical illnesses, it can take a toll on work, family life, and personal happiness. What causes insomnia?[] Sleep apnea — A condition in which a person stops breathing while asleep. These periods can last up to a minute or more, and can occur many times each hour.[]

  • Depression

    Simply telling the person with Alzheimer's to "cheer up," "snap out of it" or "try harder" is seldom helpful.[] “This is a theme among my boomer clients—‘I went to the right schools, I got the right job, I bought the right things and I’m still not happy.’”[] Depressed people who are contemplating suicide may: Suddenly become happy Give away their possessions Say goodbye to people in person or via letters Make statements such as[]

  • Menopause

    […] that sabotage your health wealth and happiness.[] I am a better person. I won’t be retiring in the near future. I may never retire. It doesn’t matter. There’s no rush and I am happy.[] They take Xanax to get over the dread of seeing their personal trainers, they take Valium to settle themselves before the first Chardonnay of happy hour.[]

  • Sexually Transmitted Disease

    That means that we ourselves need to reach a point of happy balance around sexual issues – and that may not be an easy journey.[] It may mean challenging our own attitudes to sex, our own personal as well as professional hang-ups, our inhibitions, our own cringe triggers.[]

  • Alcohol Abuse

    You probably will feel relief and happiness when the person decides to get help. But treatment and recovery mean changes in your life too.[]

  • Malnutrition

    Therefore, as far as physiology is concerned, what goes on with a person who considers him or herself happy?[] […] when the person wakes up, the greater the stress level and the worse is the life quality in the long-term.[] ., 2005). such studies identified an inversely correlate biological marker to that happiness declaration: cortisol, the stress hormone. the higher its levels in the saliva[]

  • Insulin Resistance

    I am not a happy person. How the insulin resistance happens when eating LCHF I don't know. I just know it is apparently an accepted side effect of the LCHF diet.[]

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