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2,067 Possible Causes for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Infected Sebaceous Cyst, Subcutaneous Nodule

  • Gardner Syndrome

    ’s Thyroiditis and Graves’ Disease Mohamed Mohamed Hefeda J Clin Imaging Sci 9 (17) 1-8 (28 May 2019) Case series: Optimal Ethanol–Ethiodol Emulsion Ratio in Renal Angiomyolipoma[] […] a sebaceous cyst after a simple physical examination.[] Imaging Sci 9 (18) 1-4 (28 May 2019) Original research article: Value of the New Elastography Technique using Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse in Differentiation between Hashimoto’s[]

  • Goiter

    In this report, we present a case with Hashimoto thyroiditis and thyroid gland anomalies that consist of thyroglossal duct remnant and absence of the isthmus.[] […] recurrent laryngeal nerve with hoarseness, phrenic nerve paralysis and Horner syndrome Subacute obstructive symptoms with or without pain due to secondary hemorrhage into a nodule[] In the US, majority of the cases of goiter occur due to underlying autoimmune disease, such as Hashimoto thyroiditis.[]

    Missing: Infected Sebaceous Cyst
  • Nodular Nonsuppurative Panniculitis

    thyroiditis.[] From Wikidata Jump to navigation Jump to search cutaneous condition characterized by recurrent subcutaneous nodules that heal with depression of the overlying skin Relapsing[] thyroiditis. ( 8686385 ) Herr W....MAorker-Hermann E. 1996 36 Weber-Christian disease with calcinosis: a case report. ( 8973879 ) Biasi D...Bambara LM 1996 37 Recognizing[]

    Missing: Infected Sebaceous Cyst
  • Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

    We report a case of a young girl affected by three organ-specific autoimmune disorders, from which type 1 diabetes developed first, then Hashimoto's thyroiditis and juvenile[] There is significant correlation between ANA seropositivity and HLA-B27, early erosion, response to treatment, uveitis and subcutaneous nodule.[] The most frequent autoimmune disorder seen was Hashimoto's thyroiditis.[]

    Missing: Infected Sebaceous Cyst
  • Rothmann-Makai Syndrome

    History also revealed Hashimoto's thyroiditis diagnosed at the age of 14 yr and the onset of alopecia areata at the age of 20 yr.[] In June 1989, she noticed several small subcutaneous nodules in the bilateral upper arms.[] We report on a 70-year-old female patient, who developed several livid subcutaneous nodules.[]

    Missing: Infected Sebaceous Cyst
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

    ’s thyroiditis (in which antibodies attack the thyroid), and myasthenia gravis.[] Ankylosing spondylitis may be differentiated by spinal and axial joint involvement, absence of subcutaneous nodules, and a negative RF test.[] Boutonnière and swan-neck deformities Extra-articular manifestations Subcutaneous rheumatoid nodules are not usually an early sign but eventually develop in up to 30% of patients[]

    Missing: Infected Sebaceous Cyst
  • Relapsing Polychondritis

    Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Primary biliary cirrhosis. Myasthenia gravis.[] With these treatments, the patient had recurrent episodes of fever, polyarthritis, tenosynovitis, subcutaneous nodules, and progressive cardiac disease.[] Hashimoto's thyroiditis . Primary biliary cirrhosis . Myasthenia gravis .[]

    Missing: Infected Sebaceous Cyst
  • Infected Sebaceous Cyst

    Epidermoid and pilar cysts appear as firm, round, mobile, flesh-coloured to yellow or white subcutaneous nodules of variable size.[] The current case report is the first report to show a necrotising fasciitis due to an infected sebaceous cyst.[] Abstract In an apparently routine case, what appeared to be infected sebaceous cysts of the scalp turned out to harbour botfly larvae imported from a tropical country.[]

    Missing: Hashimoto's Thyroiditis
  • Neurofibromatosis Type 1

    thyroiditis.[] Multiple subcutanous nodules (neurofibromas) were also present all over the body.[] Cutis . 2014 September;94(3):149-152 We report the case of a 5-year-old girl who presented with 2 blue-red atrophic plaques on the left leg as well as subcutaneous nodules[]

    Missing: Infected Sebaceous Cyst
  • Thyroiditis

    Hashimoto's thyroiditis definition and facts Hashimoto's thyroiditis (chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis) is an autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation of the thyroid gland[] CASE: A 45-year-old African American male, who received his third kidney transplant for renal failure secondary to Alport Syndrome, presented with numerous subcutaneous nodules[] thyroiditis, hashimoto's thyroiditis, hashimoto disease, autoimmune thyroiditides, hashimoto thyroiditis, lymphocytic thyroiditis, hashimoto's struma, Hashimoto Struma, Hashimoto's[]

    Missing: Infected Sebaceous Cyst

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