38 Possible Causes for Head Banging in USA

    • Smith-Magenis Syndrome
      Head Banging

      When he was 8, his head-banging was severe enough to cause significant damage. … "He had a retinal detachment caused by head-banging, and he ultimately lost his left eye," she said. … Although he has dealt with learning difficulties and problems with head-banging, he is able to hold down a job of sorts.[1]

    • Spasmus Nutans

      banging Head-banging Repetitive rocking movements Rocking Stereotypic habit disorder Stereotypy habit disorder 307.3 Excludes Applies To Body-rocking Head banging Spasmus … ICD-10-CM : 307.3 converts directly to: 2015/16 ICD-10-CM F98.4 Stereotyped movement disorders Approximate Synonyms Habit disorder, stereotype Habit disorder, stereotypic Head[2]

    • Tourette Syndrome

      A few people with severe Tourette syndrome demonstrate self-harming behaviors such as lip and cheek biting and head banging against hard objects. … A few patients with TS demonstrate self-harming behaviours such as lip and cheek biting and head banging. … Self-harming behaviours such as head banging occur in about 3 in 10 children with Tourette's syndrome.[3] [4] [5]

    • Movement Disorder

      This happens most often in children and can result in body rocking, head banging or head rolling.[6]

    • Toddler's Diarrhea

      banging the floor, really naughty behaviour, he is constantly thirsty, has about 4 full nappies every day, partially digested food, really greasy and really foul smelling … […] months) My toddler has had about 12 months of diahrrea, i have been to the doc's loads of times but they have fobbed me off, we had months of screaming all day and all night, head[7]

    • Autistic Disorder

      Some also show signs of repetitive behavior like head banging. … Stereotyped body movements (for example, hand flicking or twisting, spinning, head-banging, complex whole-body movements); 2. … This person may head bang, scratch until blood is drawn, scream instead of speaking in a normal tone, or bring everything into close visual range.[8] [9] [10]

    • Cornelia De Lange Syndrome

      Behavioral Issues People with CdLS may exhibit a number of behavioral problems such as self-injury (head-banging, hand-biting, etc.), compulsive repetition, and/or autistic-like[11]

    • Heavy Metal Poisoning

      I m not referring to Ozzy Osbourne or Metallica here, although too much head-banging has probably damaged more than a few brain cells.[12]

    • Atypical Autism

      […] expressive language • Clumsiness (falls or trips often) • Improper use of pronouns, statements, and questions • Unusual tone or rhythm of speech • Self Injurious Behavior (headbanging, scratching/biting self) • Frequently makes irrelevant remarks • Difficulty with abstract language and concepts • Be preoccupied with one or only a few narrow interests … The three-year old remains withdrawn and socially detached, and may engage in rocking, head banging, hand flapping or finger flicking.[13] [14]

    • Brain Concussion

      Indeed, it long has been my hypothesis that head-banging diminishes the masses.[15]

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