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330 Possible Causes for Headache, Secondary Amenorrhea

  • Prolactinoma

    The most frequent presenting complaint amongst the patients was of headache, present in 57.4% patients.[] In women of reproductive age, the symptoms are typically oligomenorrhea or secondary amenorrhea, galactorrhea, and sterility, followed by decreased libido, dry vaginal mucosa[] amenorrhea.[]

  • Panhypopituitarism

    She had headache, vision disturbance, polyuria, polydipsia, hypernatremia, diabetes insipidus and a pituitary lesion with findings compatible with apoplexy.[] The patient who suffered from secondary amenorrhea was found a nonfunctioning pituitary macroadenoma, and the hormone test showed serum cortisol, FT3, FT4, thyrotropic hormone[] KEYWORDS: Panhypopituitarism; intracranial; migraine headaches[]

  • Chronic Alcoholism

    In the event of discontinuation of alcohol drinking, the patient exhibits anxiety, anger, sweating, nausea, headaches, limb tremor, in the most severe cases, hallucinations[] ENDOCRINE – Cirrhosis leading to gynecomastia and testicular atrophy, amenorrhea/infertility. Alcohol can also cause hypoglycemia in alcoholics.[] The symptoms of acute alcoholism are headache , tiredness, hangover, anxiety, and other physical signs.[]

  • Pituitary Neoplasm

    The clinical presentation mainly depends on hormone-secreting effects, but a headache may often be the only symptom.[] Headache Patients with macroadenomas often have frontal, forehead and temporal area headaches. Pituitary adenoma removal often results in headache resolution.[] These tumors may grow large enough to cause symptoms such as headaches and vision problems before they are found. (See the symptoms for large tumors above.)[]

  • Menopause

    If you need HRT for menopausal symptoms but develop headaches as a result of the treatment managing your headaches can be difficult. It is not, however, impossible.[] However, women affected with new symptoms of racing heart, urinary changes, headaches, or other new medical problems should see a doctor to make sure there is no other cause[] Again it can have side effects including headache, skin rashes and nausea.[]

  • Myxedema

    For example, there may be fatigue, lethargy, mental impairment, depression and headache.[] […] hypothyroidism include fatigue , lethargy, mental impairment, depression , cold intolerance, hoarseness , dry skin , weight gain, change in menstrual cycles, constipation , and headaches[] […] readily given, when rapid heart action, flushed face, nervous excitability and symptoms of an induced cerebral hyperemia, with vomiting and vertigo, and occasionally severe headache[]

  • Hypothalamic Lesion

    Patients with hypothalamic-pituitary lesions generally present with some combination of Symptoms and signs of a mass lesion: headaches, altered appetite, thirst, visual field[] Other symptoms of a hypothalamic lesion include weight loss or gain, paleness, excessive sweating, tremor or shakiness, irritability, involuntary eye movements, euphoria, headaches[] Patients with pituitary apoplexy present with sudden headache, meningeal signs, unilateral or bilateral cavernous sinus syndrome, visual loss, hypotension, and depressed level[]

  • Pituitary Apoplexy

    It is a clinical syndrome characterized by the sudden onset of headache, nausea, vomiting, visual impairment, and decreased consciousness, caused by hemorrhage and/or infarction[] ( delayed puberty ), secondary amenorrhea , irregular menstrual cycles, infertility Males: delayed puberty , loss of libido , infertility , testicular atrophy , loss of facial[] Abstract Spontaneous pituitary apoplexy in the absence of a known pre-existing pituitary adenoma is a very rare cause of sudden onset headache, but can be potentially sight[]

  • Acromegaly

    Abstract A 22-year-old woman presented with worsening vision loss and headaches.[] References: [1] [4] Clinical features Tumor mass effects Headache , vision loss ( bitemporal hemianopsia ) , cranial nerve palsies : Oligomenorrhea , secondary amenorrhea[] Amenorrhea, the stopping of menstruation, is often a secondary condition associated with acromegaly in women.[]

  • Pituitary Disorder

    Headache Patients with macroadenomas often have frontal, forehead and temporal area headaches. Pituitary adenoma removal often results in headache resolution.[] N Engl J Med 2010; 363:365-371 A 16-year-old girl presents for evaluation of secondary amenorrhea. Her menarche was at the age of 12 years.[] As the tumor grows, an individual may begin to suffer headaches and vision problems.[]

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