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1,057 Possible Causes for Headache, Severe Mental Retardation in Some Patients

Did you mean: Headache, Severe Mental Retardation, in Some Patients

  • Bruxism

    It's particularly common in children with cerebral palsy or severe mental retardation. But most children outgrow bruxism before they get their adult teeth. 7.[] Bruxism in children elicits consequences such as headache, orofacial pain, and pain related to awakening.[] He had frequent jaw aches, headaches and swallowing difficulty.[]

  • Toxoplasmosis

    Congenital infections may result in spontaneous abortion or birth defects including ocular damage and severe mental retardation.[] Some people, however, develop signs and symptoms similar to those of the flu, including: Body aches Swollen lymph nodes Headache Fever Fatigue In people with weakened immune[] Symptoms in people with otherwise healthy immune systems can include: Enlarged lymph nodes in the head and neck Headache Fever Mild illness similar to mononucleosis Muscle[]

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

    The most important clinical manifestations are severe mental retardation, ataxia, and nystagmus.[] The patient may develop a morning headache that indicates too much carbon dioxide in their blood. There may also be a loss of weight.[] Common side effects include nausea, headache, and weight loss, but these effects may decline with continued use of the drugs.[]

  • Autonomic Neuropathy

    We report on a 10-year-old girl with anhidrosis and insensibility to pain, but no severe mental retardation or self-mutilation, diagnosed as hereditary sensory and autonomic[] She was given a single dose of Sandostatin LAR and within 2 weeks reported the development of increasingly frequent and severe headaches.[] Abstract Hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy type IV is an autosomal recessive disorder characterized by severe mental retardation and self-mutilation-related complications[]

  • Acute Renal Injury

    Psychomotor development is good in 2 patients, whereas patients No. 3 and 4 have tetraplegic spastic infantile cerebral palsy, severe mental retardation, and epilepsy.[] Gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea and stomatitis, skin rashes, alopecia, central nervous system symptoms like headache and confusion, hepatotoxicity and myelosuppression[] ., heart, liver) Overuse of pain medicines called “ NSAIDs ”, which are used to reduce swelling or relieve pain from headaches, colds, flu, and other ailments.[]

  • Subependymal Giant Cell Astrocytoma

    At 2 months of age, he presented with congenital subependymal giant cell astrocytoma that was complicated by refractory epilepsy and severe mental retardation.[] This 17-year-old male patient with tuberous sclerosis developed increased headaches and lethargy.[] A child who started throwing seizures early (at 5 months of age) had severe mental retardation.[]

  • Growth Hormone Deficiency

    We expand aaRSs-related phenotypes through characterization of the clinical and molecular basis of a novel autosomal-recessive syndrome manifesting severe mental retardation[] CASE PRESENTATION: Here, we describe a 17-year old boy referred to our hospital for fatigue, decreased muscle strength and severe headache reported after the cessation of[] They include: Headaches Muscle or joint pain Mildly underactive thyroid gland Swelling of hands and feet Curvature of the spine (scoliosis) Development of breast tissue in[]

  • Cryopyrin-Associated Periodic Syndrome

    Improvement of long-term complications have also been reported in some patients with hearing loss, loss of vision, amyloidosis (kidney disease), growth retardation, but not[] Twelve of the 13 patients (92%) had headache, of whom 10 (77%) had features of migraine. Seven patients (54%) had sensorineural deafness.[] headaches.[]

  • Fabry Disease

    patients, mental impairment [ 32 ].[] Cerebrovascular/Central Nervous System Problems Dizziness or vertigo, headache, and early stroke are all cerebrovascular symptoms of Fabry disease.[] The disease is classified as mild or severe according to the absence or presence of mental retardation [ 33 , 34 ].[]

  • Wolfram Syndrome

    We present two unrelated patients with Wolfram syndrome, both of whom had the four cardinal features and several other neurologic abnormalities.[] Headache Headache may be related to autonomic dysfunction or neuropathy. Some patients experience sharp and stabbing unilateral pain similar to trigeminal neuralgia.[] MRIs showed widespread atrophie changes throughout the brain, some of which correlated with the major neurologic features of the syndrome. 1992 by AAN Enterprises, Inc.[]

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