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141 Possible Causes for Headache, Subconjunctival Hemorrhage, Tinnitus

  • Hypertension

    He described in detail the symptoms of hypertension such as headache, heaviness in the head, sluggish movements, general redness and warm to touch feel of the body, prominent[] Hypertensive urgencies frequently present with headache (22%), epistaxis (17%), faintness, and psychomotor agitation (10%) and hypertensive emergencies frequently present[]

  • Salicylate Poisoning

    Intoxication is characterized by rapid breathing, vomiting, headache, irritability, ketosis, hypoglycemia, and, in severe cases, seizures and respiratory failure. salicylate[] Subconjunctival hemorrhage. Lethargy. Coma. Agitation. Confusion. Seizures. Hypotension or low blood pressure. Heart block. Pulmonary edema. Cerebral edema.[] […] nutrition) Chronology may be preceded by relatively asymptomatic period often gradual and insidious (ingestion over 12 hrs) Symptoms Initial Anorexia, nausea and vomiting Tinnitus[]

  • Basilar Migraine

    […] thunderclap headaches; hypnic headaches; and new daily persistent headaches.[] Most spontaneous subconjunctival hemorrhages are first noticed by another person seeing a red spot on your eye.[] The basilar-type aura had a median duration of 60 minutes and comprised vertigo 61%, dysarthria 53%, tinnitus 45%, diplopia 45%, bilateral visual symptoms 40%, bilateral paresthesias[]

  • Aplastic Anemia

    Symptoms of chronic aplastic anemia include weakness and fatigue in the early stages, followed by shortness of breath, headache, fever, and pounding heart.[] Typical ophthalmic manifestations include eyelid hematoma, subconjunctival hemorrhage, cotton wool spots, retinal nerve fiber layer hemorrhage, Roth's spots, pre-retinal hemorrhage[] Other symptoms may include a waxy pallor to the skin and mucous membranes, bleeding gums, a lack of energy during exercise, and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).[]

  • Carotid Cavernous Sinus Fistula

    After the procedure, tinnitus, bruit, and headache were reduced immediately.[] hemorrhages Corneal damage Intracranial hemorrhage Otorrhagia Epistaxis Differential diagnosis Vascular pathologies Marginal sinus fistulas (with a restriction of venous[] At 2 months, ride-side headache was significantly improved and ptosis and limited extraocular muscle movement were partially resolved.[]

  • Gradenigo's Syndrome

    She awoke with the headache and facial pain 7 days earlier.[] […] conjunctivitis AHC 33 封入体 [ 症 ] 結膜炎 inclusion conjunctivitis 結膜下注射 subconjunctival injection 結膜充血 conjunctival injections 犬吠 [ 様 ] 咳 barking cough 健康影響 health impacts 健康保菌者[] […] commonly vestibular schwannomas ( acoustic neuroma ), although other cerebellopontine angle tumors may result in the same presentation Clinical features Unilateral hearing loss Tinnitus[]

  • Severe Aplastic Anemia

    Anemia typically manifests in form of poor performance, fatigue, headaches and dizziness.[] hemorrhages, melena, etcetera.)[] Other symptoms may include a waxy pallor to the skin and mucous membranes, bleeding gums, a lack of energy during exercise, and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).[]

  • Common Cold

    If the headache is felt in the eye, it may be a sign of an eye infection.[] hemorrhages.[] The symptoms are uncharacteristic vertigo and, in some cases, hearing impairment and tinnitus.[]

  • Viral Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

    Accompanying symptoms such as headache, myalgia and nasal obstruction also showed a tendency to decrease.[] hemorrhages.[] Other patients give a history of ear instrumentation, excessive cleaning, previous infection, otitis media, tinnitus, or vertigo.[]

  • Disorder of the Globe

    Headache. 2005;45:389-91. Haque TL, Miki Y, Kashii S, et al. Dynamic MR imaging in Tolosa-Hunt syndrome. Eur J Radiol. 2004;51:209-17.[] hemorrhage Uveitis Watery eyes [ Read More ][] […] disorders of ear [ edit ] ( 388 ) Other disorders of ear ( 388.01 ) Presbyacusis ( 388.12 ) Hearing loss, noise -induced ( 388.2 ) Hearing loss, sudden, unspec. ( 388.31 ) Tinnitus[]

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