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561 Possible Causes for Headache, Tethered Cord

  • Subdural Hematoma

    […] with headache (P 0.01).[] cord syndrome and myelodysplastic spine (2), spinal cord tumor, spinal epidural hematoma, vertebral dislocation, vertebral fracture, vertebral tumor, and inflammatory spine[] We review the headaches and other clinical features associated with chronic SDH.[]

  • Lyme Neuroborreliosis

    We present two patients with monosymptomatic headache resembling chronic tension-type headache as the first manifestation of Lyme neuroborreliosis.[] Outpatient lumbar magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was scheduled to evaluate for tethered cord, and the patient was discharged.[] The clinical recovery rate is about 73% in children treated for Lyme neuroborreliosis, and subsequent symptoms of headache and fatigue occur in similar rates between these[]

  • Bacterial Meningitis

    A 48 year-old healthy female visited our hospital with strong headache, fever, bilateral hyperemia, and blurred vision in both eyes.[] Anterior sacral meningocele may be the cause of tethered cord syndrome.[] The patient presented with back pain and urinary retention and this was followed by the development of headache, photophobia and a left VIth nerve palsy.[]

  • Arnold Chiari Malformation

    Exertional headaches in patients with Arnold-Chiari malformation (ACM) are well described. We report four patients with Type I ACM and recurrent headaches.[] Tethered cord surgery is available for those with Chiari II.[] Spontaneous intracranial hypotension is characterized by severe postural headache in the setting of low CSF pressure, usually attributed to a cryptic CSF leak.[]

  • Lipoma

    She also reported frequent headaches and palpitations.[] Filum terminale lipoma (FTL) causes various spinal symptoms known as tethered cord syndrome.[] These symptoms can be caused either by pressure of the lipoma on the spinal cord or by excess tension on the spinal cord, a so-called tethered spinal cord .[]

  • Lipomyelomeningocele

    Two of these were symptomatic (cervicothoracic syrinx and occipital headaches) and required posterior fossa decompression.[] Tethered cord syndrome (TCS) is a disorder involving an abnormal stretching of the tethered spinal cord caused by several pathological conditions and presents with a variety[] Conclusion Tethered cord syndrome is a condition characterized by the development of different disorders in the distal section of the structures of the spine.[]

  • Occipital Encephalocele

    This patient presented later in life with complaints of headache and seizure.[] Abnormalities of this caudal portion of the spinal structures cause the tethered cord syndrome. Exencephaly Exencephaly.[] ., tethered cord), fused ribs, and anomalous sternum.[]

  • Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva

    Prevalence of recurrent severe headaches (HA) (26 %) was similar to that in the general population, but prevalence in females with FOP (36 %) was almost fourfold greater than[] One child had sensorineural hearing loss, microcytic anemia, and a tethered spinal cord and the other had a patent ductus arteriosus and gonadal dysgenesis with sex reversal[]

  • Tendinitis

    Retropharyngeal tendinitis is a rare cause of intense neck pain and occipital headache.[] Cord Syndrome Tethered Cord Syndromes Tetralogy of Fallot Tetralogy, Fallot Tetralogy, Fallot's Tetralogy, Fallots Tetraplegia Tetraplegia, Flaccid Tetraplegia, Spastic Tetraplegias[] Acute calcific longus colli tendinitis (LCT) has been reported as an unusual cause of acute-onset neck pain, dysphagia, and headache.(1-5) As described in most of the published[]

  • Retinal Hemorrhage

    In subjects without altitude headache, none had retinal hemorrhage. In subjects with altitude headache, 42% had retinal hemorrhage.[] Parasagittal view T2-weighted MR images show the large dorsal meningocele and the tethered cord.[] Treatment with IFN alpha-2b was discontinued because of severe headache and fever.[]

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