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279 Possible Causes for Headaches Last Hours to Days

  • Food Poisoning

    Acute symptoms including dizziness, headache, chills and back pain developed during the meal, and a few hours later they got stomach cramps and diarrhoea which lasted for[] Symptoms can start within hours to days after eating the contaminated food and last from a day to a week.[] They can occur almost immediately after eating, or a number of hours later, and they can last from 24 hours to five days.[]

  • Tension Headache

    Tension headaches may last a few hours, several days, weeks, or even months. HOW IS IT TREATED?[] Chronic Tension Headaches - last for hours on end and occur 15 or more days in a month continuously.[] Even after sleep, the headache may still be present. IS IT CONTAGIOUS? No. HOW LONG WILL IT LAST?[]

  • Migraine

    If you have attacks of a bad headache lasting hours or days, with queasiness or a preference for rest (even if you can carry on, with an effort) you almost certainly have[] 4 or more hours each day in people 18 years or older.[] Migraine is more than just a headache and migraine pain normally comes with nausea (queasiness and feeling sick) or vomiting (being sick), oversensitivity to light, noise,[]

  • Motion Sickness

    In some people they last a few hours, or even days, after the journey ends. Symptoms of motion sickness The symptoms of motion sickness are: Feeling sick (nausea).[] Sweating Increase in saliva Headaches Feeling cold and going pale Feeling weak How to prevent motion sickness Some general tips to avoid motion sickness include the following[]

  • Gastritis

    Muscle pain Symptoms of gastroenteritis usually last 24 to 72 hours.[] However, they can last up to 10 days if the stomach flu began while travelling abroad or upon your return.[] […] semi-liquid stools every 24 hours or stool that is more abundant and frequent than usual Abdominal cramps Nausea Vomiting Other symptoms may sometimes appear: Mild fever Headache[]

  • Brain Concussion

    Symptoms usually last less than an hour, but can linger for days. Most commonly, grade 1 concussions occur in minor car accidents, athletic events, or at-home mishaps.[] The severity of a concussion is classified by grade: Grade 1 (mild concussion) Grade 1 concussions are characterized by brief memory loss, confusion, headache, dizziness,[]

  • Chronic Kidney Insufficiency

    You usually have to go a hemodialysis center at least three days a week, and each treatment session lasts three to five hours.[] Common side effects of hemodialysis include headaches, nausea, and feeling tired.[]

  • Chronic Daily Headaches

    If the attacks last less than 4 hours per day, a trigeminal autonomic cephalalgia (TAC) is likely.[] Chronic daily headache was defined as experiencing 15 or more headache days per month, with each headache lasting for two or more hours per day.[] Chronic daily headaches must occur 15 days or more per month for at least three months, and each headache can last up to four hours.[]

  • Herpes Zoster

    1-10 days (average, 48 hours) Phenomena usually are noted as pain or, less commonly, itching or paresthesias [3] Pain may simulate headache, iritis, pleurisy, brachial neuritis[] […] preherpetic neuralgia) Acute eruptive phase Chronic phase (PHN) The preeruptive phase is characterized by the following: Sensory phenomena along 1 or more skin dermatomes, lasting[]

  • Ocular Migraine

    The headache may last only a few hours or up to 3 days.[] One result of these triggers may be an intense headache that, if untreated, can last for hours or even days.[] Fortunately, the symptoms are temporary, usually lasting less than an hour. The headache arrives either during the visual problems, or else up to an hour later.[]

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