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3,611 Possible Causes for Hearing Impairment, Hyperconvex Fingernails, Overfolded Superior Helix

  • Coffin-Lowry Syndrome

    superior helix [ Graham et al 1998 ].[] Audiological tests revealed profound hearing impairment. Anomalous labyrinths were shown by CT scan of the temporal bones.[] fingernails 0001812 Hypoplasia of the maxilla Decreased size of maxilla Decreased size of upper jaw Maxillary deficiency Maxillary retrusion Small maxilla Small upper jaw[]

  • Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome

    More than 25 genes for nonsyndromic hereditary hearing impairment have been mapped.[] [] Ears Hearing Impairment Analysis of patients with chromosomal rearrangements represents one strategy toward identifying candidate genes for genetic hearing[] Other significant problems can include heart defects, cleft lip and/or palate, hearing impairment, and eye problems.[]

    Missing: Overfolded Superior Helix
  • Malignant Hyperthermia - Arthrogryposis - Torticollis

    impairment Conductive deafness Conductive hearing loss [ more ] 0000405 Cryptorchidism Undescended testes Undescended testis [ more ] 0000028 Downslanted palpebral fissures[] […] migration Type II diabetes mellitus Progressive sensorineural hearing impairment Migraine Status epilepticus Vertigo Generalized myoclonic seizures Cerebral calcification[] fingernails 59 32 occasional (7.5%) Occasional (29-5%) HP:0001812 20 mask-like facies 59 32 hallmark (90%) Very frequent (99-80%) HP:0000298 21 arthrogryposis multiplex congenita[]

    Missing: Overfolded Superior Helix
  • Patau Syndrome

    A single transverse palmar crease, polydactyly, and hyperconvex narrow fingernails are also common.[]

    Missing: Overfolded Superior Helix
  • Turner Syndrome

    impairment Deafness Hearing defect [ more ] 0000365 Hepatic steatosis Fatty infiltration of liver Fatty liver [ more ] 0001397 High, narrow palate Narrow, high-arched roof[] They need ongoing ultrasounds (echocardiograms) every 1-5 years to monitor their hearts. 6 Hearing impairments 50%. 7 Turner syndrome can be difficult to diagnose with the[] Fingernails and toenails may be narrow, hyperconvex, and/or deep-set.[]

    Missing: Overfolded Superior Helix
  • Propionic Acidemia

    There was mild plagiocephaly and overfolding of the superior helix of each ear. The lower lip had loss of tissue in 2 lateral clefts with bulbous tissue in the center.[] It can be assumed that acute and chronic effects of accumulating metabolites on the KvLQT1/KCNE1 channel protein may similarly cause the hearing impairment of patients with[] Hearing impairment.[]

    Missing: Hyperconvex Fingernails
  • Lenz-Majewski Syndrome

    impairment 0000407 Short stature Decreased body height Small stature [ more ] 0004322 Sparse hair 0008070 Sporadic No previous family history 0003745 Syndactyly Webbed fingers[] fingernails 0001812 Hypogonadism Decreased activity of gonads 0000135 Hypoplastic fingernail Small fingernail Underdeveloped fingernail [ more ] 0001804 Kyphosis Hunched[] 0011220 Prominent scalp veins 0001043 Proximal symphalangism of hands Fused innermost hinge joints 0006152 Relative macrocephaly Relatively large head 0004482 Sensorineural hearing[]

    Missing: Overfolded Superior Helix
  • Impacted Cerumen

    Abstract The aim of this study was to determine whether children in whom impacted cerumen had been removed were at greater risk of hearing impairment than those without a[] Many patients have cerumen and/or otitis media with effusion causing conductive hearing impairment as well as general health issues.[] It may be an incidental finding in asymptomatic patients, but the pathology may also cause significant hearing impairment, otalgia and dizziness and have patients present[]

    Missing: Hyperconvex Fingernails Overfolded Superior Helix
  • Rapp-Hodgkin Syndrome

    Affiliated tissues include skin and tongue, and related phenotypes are ptosis and hearing impairment Disease Ontology : 12 An autosomal dominant disease characterized by abnormal[] Renal dysplasia Feeding difficulties Abnormal heart morphology Palmoplantar keratoderma Short nose Lacrimal duct atresia Hyperconvex nail Ectrodactyly Hoarse voice Widely[] impairment , high forehead, cone-shaped incisors and enamel hypoplasia (thin or absent tooth enamel), microdontia (decreased width of tooth), hypodontia (failure of development[]

    Missing: Overfolded Superior Helix
  • Upper Respiratory Infection

    The combination of nasal congestion, rhinorrhea, sore throat, cough, and malaise is the symptomatic profile that constitutes an uncomplicated upper respiratory tract infection (URI), also known as the common cold. Because no known cure exists for a URI, numerous products are available, each marketed with the[…][]

    Missing: Hyperconvex Fingernails Overfolded Superior Helix

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