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34 Possible Causes for Hearing Problem, Lethargy, Pharyngeal Hemorrhage

  • Meningitis

    […] with balance hearing problems mood swings.[] Other symptoms include photophobia, nausea, vomiting, lethargy and confusion. In newborns the typical symptoms are hard to detect.[] Pneumonia Otitis media Pharyngitis Gastroenteritis Upper Respiratory Infection Retrophyaryngeal Abscess Brain/Subdural/Epidural Abscess Encephalitis [2] [18] [10] Case Reports[]

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea

    Children were also excluded if there was a history of significant medical, psychiatric, vision, or hearing impairment, or mental retardation.[] When patients are selected on the basis of retropalatal obstruction demonstrated by computed tomography during wakefulness or by catheter measurements of nasal pharyngeal[] […] however they will usually experience one or more of the following: Snoring Episodes of gasping, snorting or choking during sleep Excessive daytime sleepiness, fatigue or lethargy[]

  • Acute Catarrhal Tonsillitis

    A tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy (TA) is a surgical procedure for children and can even lead to hearing loss and speech problems in young children. in tonsillar crypts these[] Pharyngeal hemorrhages from the causes enumerated under the first of the foregoing divisions are rare.[] In children, symptoms of quinsy are usually present with pronounced effects of intoxication, accompanied by lethargy, vomiting, and sometimes convulsive syndrome.[]

  • Cerebellar Mass Lesion

    Symptoms of cranial nerve damage include: Dilated pupils Eye problems Face muscle weakness Hearing loss Loss of feeling in part of the face Taste problems Unsteadiness when[] Impaired function is frequently manifested in the pharyngeal phase swallowing affection salivation, swallow integrity, and upper esophageal sphincter function.[] Headache, confusion, lethargy, brain stem and cerebellar disorders, and seizures are also observed ( 2, 3 ).[]

  • Cerebellar Stroke

    […] and difficulty swallowing Problems sensing pain and temperature Difficulty hearing Problems with vision, like eyes move rapidly or difficulty controlling eye movement Problems[] Decreased level of consciousness which may lead to lethargy. Involuntary movement of eyes which may result in reduced vision.[] We report a case of a 54-year-old woman with dysphagia resulting from a cerebellar stroke with hemorrhage that was evacuated through craniotomy.[]

  • Cat Scratch Meningoencephalitis

    These complications can include: Persistent fatigue Weakness or lack of muscle coordination Personality changes Memory problems Paralysis Hearing or vision defects Speech[] Infection results in lethargy, weight loss, anemia and enlarged lymph nodes and spleen.[] , rash, or GI signs possible; biphasic or triphasic in some; complications (eg, neurologic signs, hemorrhages, pericarditis, myocarditis, orchitis) uncommon but can occur[]

  • Gingivostomatitis

    He or she may check your vision, hearing, balance, coordination, strength and reflexes.[] If any signs or symptoms of dehydration occur such as unusual sleepiness, lethargy or persistent fever, contact the pediatrician.[] Outbreaks can be associated with pharyngitis, fever, drooling ( Clin Fam Pract 2003;5[3];589), malaise, and lymphadenopathy.[]

  • Temporal Arteritis

    […] throat pain Hearing loss Joint stiffness Getting prompt treatment can help prevent severe problems such as blindness or even stroke.[] Severe Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Sexual Abuse, Child Shoulder Instability Sinusitis Sleep Apnea Splenomegaly Streptococcal Pharyngitis Stroke Stroke, Hemorrhagic Temporal[] Accompanying neck pain was present, together with continuous lethargy and fatigue.[]

  • Airway Obstruction

    problems.[] Your symptoms may be subtle, such as decreased activity, or lethargy. Your symptoms may also vary from mild to severe from one asthma attack to the next.[] […] injury (eg, explosion, fire, industrial accident) - Blunt trauma (eg, motor vehicle accident, physical attack) - Neuromuscular disease (eg, myasthenic crisis, laryngeal-pharyngeal[]

  • Muscle Spasticity

    hearing loss speech, breathing or swallowing problems What causes hereditary spastic paraplegia?[] […] inherited periodic spasticity see inherited periodic spasticity. inherited progressive spasticity possibly inherited disease of Angora goats; characterized by development of lethargy[] , nonaxillary sweating, infection, pharyngitis, flu syndrome, headache, fever, neck or back pain, pruritus, and anxiety.[]

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