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140 Possible Causes for Hearing Problem, Presbycusis

  • Otosclerosis

    problem or medical related ear condition.[] In the control group of TBS with presbycusis, 9 of 253 (3.5%) had EH.[] Loss Sensorineural Hearing Loss Hearing Problems Fungal Ear Infections Outer Ear Infections Middle Ear Infections Tinnitus Can You Prevent Tinnitus Links Between Hearing[]

  • Streptomycin

    Other very bad problems like eyesight problems, trouble keeping your balance, certain brain problems, and hearing problems (like long-lasting hearing loss ) may also happen[] There was atrophy of the striae vasculares and loss of cochlear neurons consistent with presbycusis.[] Hearing loss Streptomycin is not recommended for use in patients with a hearing problem since it may increase the risk of deafness.[]

  • Presbycusis

    They had all come to the clinic because of hearing problems.[] presbycusis.[] Hearing problems can be serious. The most important thing you can do if you think you have a hearing problem is to seek advice from a health care provider.[]

  • Deafness

    Do you feel handicapped by a hearing problem? Does a hearing problem cause you difficulty when visiting friends, relatives, or neighbors?[] In contrast, a progressive, bilateral hearing loss is the main and often the only symptom of presbycusis.[] Also called: Hearing loss, Presbycusis Summary It's frustrating to be unable to hear well enough to enjoy talking with friends or family.[]

  • Sensorineural Hearing Loss

    There are 4 types of hearing loss: Conductive Sensorineural Mixed hearing loss Auditory neuropathy/dysynchrony Sensorineural hearing loss is usually a result of a problem[] Mixed presbycusis is also possible. A final type is cochlear conductive presbycusis .[] Definition Sensorineural hearing loss (also called nerve deafness or sensorineural deafness) is loss of hearing resulting from problems in the inner ear, in the nerve from[]

  • Sudden Hearing Loss

    Finally a combination of both arterial and neural can be the problem causing hearing loss symptoms.[] Many causes of longstanding or gradual loss will not be covered here, such as hearing loss associated with aging (also called presbycusis) or rare genetic diseases.[] In the elderly, age results in degenerative changes that may lead to hearing loss which is known as presbycusis (or presbyacusis).[]

  • Acoustic Neuroma

    Acoustic neuromas grow on the nerve used for hearing and balance, which can cause problems such as hearing loss and unsteadiness.[] […] hearing loss) Differential Diagnosis Cerebellopontine lesions Meningioma Glioma Facial nerve schwannoma Epidermoid cyst Hemangioma Arachnoid cyst Sensorineural hearing loss Presbycusis[] If your GP thinks you could have an acoustic neuroma, you'll be referred to a hospital or clinic for further tests, such as: hearing tests to check for hearing problems and[]

  • Conductive Hearing Loss

    Nevertheless, craniomandibular origins are frequently overlooked in the medical profession as possible causes for hearing problems.[] […] air-bone gap Sensorineural Hearing Loss: Trouble sending neural signals, from the cochlea to CNVIII to the brain Location of abnormality: Inner ear Eighth cranial nerve Causes: Presbycusis[] Congenital Hearing Loss Synaptic and Spike Adaptation Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids Teaching Students with Hearing Problems Disorders of Hearing Deafness and Hard of Hearing[]

  • Acute Otitis Media

    Recurrent acute otitis media subjects reported hearing problems comparable to those of the controls. Pure tone audiometry, at 125-8000 Hz, did not differ between groups.[] While many patients realize a gradual decline in hearing with aging (also known as presbycusis), other patients experience an acute onset hearing loss resulting from exposure[] Otorrhea (83%), tympanic membrane perforation (57%), and hearing problems (83%) were common in S. pyogenes infections.[]

  • Cochlear Disorder

    Auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder (sometimes called auditory neuropathy or auditory dys-synchrony) are terms used to describe a particular type of hearing problem when[] Presbycusis, which is age-related hearing loss, is sensorineural and the result of degeneration of the sensory nerve cells.[] About ANSD Hearing loss is a common problem in newborns.[]

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