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208 Possible Causes for Hearing Problem, Turner Syndrome, Widely Spaced Nipples

  • Turner Syndrome

    […] and hearing problems.[] […] intermamillary distance Wide-spaced nipples Widely spaced nipples Widely-spaced nipples [ more ] 0006610 30%-79% of people have these symptoms Anxiety Excessive, persistent[] This is the test of choice to diagnose Turner syndrome. As a chromosomal condition, there is no cure for Turner syndrome.[]

  • Noonan Syndrome

    Children suspected of having Noonan syndrome should be screened for heart, vision, and hearing problems.[] […] intermamillary distance Wide-spaced nipples Widely spaced nipples Widely-spaced nipples [ more ] 0006610 30%-79% of people have these symptoms Abnormal bleeding Bleeding[] Mazzanti L, Cacciari E and the Italian study group for Turner syndrome (1998) Congenital heart disease in patients with Turner’s syndrome.[]

  • 46,XX Ovarian Dysgenesis-Short Stature Syndrome

    problems.[] […] without hormonal treatment, average height is 145cm); ovarian dysgenesis (streak ovary); this is the most common cause of primary amenorrhea; infertility; shield chest with widely-spaced[] Free growth charts for patients with Turner's syndrome are available through the Turner Syndrome Society.[]

  • Female Infertility due to Gonadal Dysgenesis

    Hearing problems : Gradual loss of nerve function and an inner ear infection can cause hearing loss.[] spaced nipples, sexual infantilism.[] Updated on: 02/23/15 Turner Syndrome Symptoms[]

  • Mosaic Monosomy X

    Ear problems —Malformation of the ears and middle ear infections are more common in girls with Turner syndrome. This can lead to hearing problems in later life.[] spaced nipples niple hypoplasia (hypoplastic nipples) axillary air absent aortic anomalies ( 12640386 ) aortic coarctation aortic cystic medial necrosis dissecting aneurysms[] […] in Turner syndrome", abstract "Ullrich-Turner syndrome (UTS) is frequently associated with chromosomal mosaicism.[]

  • Familial Short Stature

    Has the patient had any hearing problems? Deafness may be associated with Turner's syndrome. Is the patient known to have psychiatric problems or learning difficulties?[] spaced nipples, pectus excavatum or carinatum, breast development Genitourinary – accurate Tanner staging Anthropometry Growth charts are very helpful for assessing growth[] Ellison JW et al. (1997) PHOG, a candidate gene for involvement in the short stature of Turner syndrome. [ ] 14.[]

  • Hypogonadism

    […] system problems such as synkinesia (the performance of an unintended movement when making a voluntary one), eye movement abnormalities, and visual and hearing defects.[] spaced nipples, or multiple pigmented nevi) See Clinical Presentation for more detail.[] Turner syndrome can cause miscarriage. In fact almost 20% of all first trimester miscarriages are down to Turner syndrome.[]

  • Coarctation of the Aorta

    […] a heart murmur — an abnormal whooshing noise, heard through a stethoscope exam, which may indicate a problem with blood flow.[] – may be heard due to dilation of the intercostal arteries Signs of Turner’s syndrome in females: Webbed neck Lymphoedema in the feet Square chest Widely spaced nipples Diagnosis[] Twelve girls (57%) diagnosed with Turner syndrome also had a bicommissural aortic valve.[]

  • Klippel-Feil Syndrome

    Five declined to be tested and, of these, three had no reported problem; two did have hearing problems and previous audiological data were obtained.[] Several types of combined malformations such as: KFS frontonasal dysplasia Sprengel deformity widely spaced nipples psotaxial hexadactily of the left foot, 4 KFS malformations[] A 12-year-old female with Klippel-Feil syndrome (KFS) combined with Turner syndrome (TS) and a submucous cleft palate (CP) was presented.[]

  • Ovarian Dysgenesis

    Physical phenotypic characteristics include short stature, dysmorphic features and lymphedema at birth.Comorbidities include heart defects, vision and hearing problems, diabetes[] spaced nipples, sexual infantilism.[] OVARIAN DYSGENESIS, TURNER'S SYNDROME.[]

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