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135 Possible Causes for Heart Failure, Hepatomegaly, Postural Defect

  • Amyloidosis

    Hepatic involvement is common, but the clinical manifestations are usually mild with hepatomegaly and an elevated alkaline phosphatase level.[] Flies carrying mutant variants, but not wild-type TTR, exhibit changes in wing posture, locomotor defects, and shortened life span.[] CASE REPORT Our report describes a middle-aged man who presented to the Emergency Department with congestive heart failure.[]

  • Cardiac Asthma

    Typical signs: tachycardia, tachypnoea, pulmonary rales, pleural effusion, raised jugular venous pressure (JVP), peripheral oedema, hepatomegaly.[] Patients with chronic CHF and orthopnea have a considerable increase in airflow resistance upon adopting the supine posture associated with supine expiratory flow limitation[] About Heart Failure 105,571 discussions Heart failure is a condition in which the heart can't pump enough blood to meet the body's needs.[]

  • Hyperammonemia Type 3

    A congenital form occurs in two types: Type 1, due to deficiency of the enzyme ornithine carbamoyltransferase, is marked by vomiting, lethargy, coma, and hepatomegaly; symptoms[] Above 1000 µmol/L: About 50% survive Ammonia levels seen in inborn errors of metabolism: Urea cycle defects: 500 to 2000 µmol/L Organic acidemia: 100 to 1000 µmol/L Transport[] IVb: neurologic deterioration, energy-deficiency type, without ketoacidosis and without hyperammonemia Type V: predominant liver presentation Type Va: hypoglycemia with hepatomegaly[]

  • Cockayne Syndrome

    It also showed hepatomegaly and altered vertebral bodies. The ribs and clavicles were thinned with sclerosis at the margins.[] It consists of: Treatment of specific signs and symptoms: Physiotherapy to loosen joints, correct posture defects, and keep muscles supple Medication to relax spastic muscles[] Growth failure is seen in chromosomal disorders and endocrine, metabolic, or gastrointestinal disorders, including malnutrition.[]

  • Homocystinuria

    […] inborn error of metabolism of sulfur amino acids due to lack of the enzyme cystathionine synthase; it is characterized by homocystine in the urine and by mental retardation, hepatomegaly[] His father had open heart surgery at age 55 and died of congestive heart failure at age 75.[] Many, if not all, patients have some type of hepatic involvement which may produce mild hepatomegaly with imaging characteristics and/or biopsied pathology of fatty infiltration[]

  • Innocent Cardiac Murmurs

    […] murmurs. cyanosis or clubbing abnormal breathing (tachypnoea, intercostal recession) failure to thrive abnormal pulses - diminished or absent femorals abnormal cardiac impulse hepatomegaly[] Investigations If the GP understands how a typical Still's murmur sounds and how to make it vary with posture then more serious pathology will rarely be missed.[] Liver edge: Hepatomegaly may reflect a high right atrial pressure associated with congestive heart failure. Precordium: The precordium should be normally quiet.[]

  • Left to Right Cardiac Shunt

    […] low cardiac output (poor perfusion, increased lactate, low mixed venous oxygen saturation, low cerebral oxygen saturation), and elevated central venous pressures (edema, hepatomegaly[] Postural cyanosis and angina pectoris following pneumonectomy: relief by closure of an interatrial septal defect.[] Increasing PVR and pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) will lead to reversed direction of blood flow through the cardiac defect (Eisenmenger Syndrome) and heart failure.[]

  • Singleton Merten Syndrome

    […] in the newborn period 516 Hepatomegaly in children General overview 517 Hepatomegaly with portal hypertention and obstructive jaundice 519 Liver calcifications in the pediatric[] Postural unsteadiness is evident when patients begin walking.[] heart failure ; Coxa valga ; Cutaneous photosensitivity ; Decreased body weight ; Expanded metacarpals with widened medullary cavities ; Expanded metatarsals with widened[]

  • Infantile Refsum Disease

    Three patients affected by infantile Refsum disease are described with mental retardation, minor facial dysmorphia, chorioretinopathy, sensorineural hearing deficit, hepatomegaly[] Postural unsteadiness is evident when patients begin walking.[] […] phosphate acyltransferase and plasmalogen; elevated very long-chain fatty acids, phytanic acid, pipecolate, iron, and total iron-binding capacity Clinical features: Growth failure[]

  • Proteinuria

    Keywords: glycogen storage diseases, disorders, (g6pase), growth retardation, hypoglycemia, hepatomegaly, nephromegaly, hyperlipidemia, hyperuricemia, lactic academia, glucose[] This type of proteinuria is due to an impaired renal tubular reabsorption as a result of congenital structural or functional defects, which are the most frequent causes of[] Proteinuria was associated with starting hemodialysis with a CVC (likelihood ratio test, p 0.001) after adjustment for age, peripheral vascular disease, congestive heart failure[]

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