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11 Possible Causes for Hematocrit Decreased, Non-Pitting Edema, Pediatric Disorder

  • Kawasaki Disease

    On day 6, he developed bilateral non-purulent conjunctivitis, palmar erythema, bilateral non-pitting edema and erythema of his feet, and arthritis.[] (pediatric cardiologists).[] .0000442906.34650.69 Department: Heart Matters Author Information Authors Article Outline Outline Article Metrics Metrics Angela Durry is a Clinical Assistant Professor, Pediatrics[]

  • Kwashiorkor

    Bipedal non-pitting edema may occur in the legs due to the osmotic imbalance.[] […] primer on the disorders and diseases that may affect the gastrointestinal tract in neonates and children.[] […] of bilateral pitting edema (of nutritional origin) regardless of other features of kwashiorkor [5].[]

  • Multicentric Castleman's Disease

    Physical exam findings included generalized lymphadenopathy, bilateral non-pitting lower extremity edema, right sided ptosis and facial droop.[] An international working group comprising 34 pediatric and adult pathology and clinical experts in iMCD and related disorders from 8 countries, including 2 physicians that[] To correct the lack of diagnostic criteria, an international working group comprising 34 pediatric and adult pathology and clinical experts in iMCD and related disorders from[]

  • Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever

    On the day 5 he developed severe myalgia, tenderness and non pitting edema of lower limbs especially in the thighs.[] ., pleural effusion or ascites) Mucosal bleeding Lethargy or restlessness Liver enlargement ( 2cm) Increases in hematocrit concurrent with rapid decrease in platelet count[] […] rapid decrease in platelet count) and those without them [18].[]

  • Hydroa Vacciniforme-Like Lymphoma

    Eight months ago, the patient complained of non-pitting edema over his whole face, especially severe in the eyelids. There was no abnormal urination or lower limb edema.[] Pediatr Infect Dis J 2011;30:176-178. Barnes CJ, Alio AB, Cunningham BB, Friedlander SF: Epstein-Barr virus-associated genital ulcers: an under-recognized disorder.[] Laboratory investigations may reveal decreased levels of hemoglobin and a low hematocrit level, in addition to other alterations.[]

  • Hemoptysis

    Decreased in anemia Platelet count Decreased in thrombocytopenia Prothrombin time, International Normalized Ratio, partial thromboplastin time Increased in anticoagulant[] , no CVAT Ext: Warm, well-perfused, 2 peripheral pulses, 1 pitting edema to knee Skin: No lesions on exposed skin Neuro: AAO Labs: CBC: 12.3/6.7/19.8/52.3 (S: 94, B: 1, L:[] CPD is a life-threatening disorder rarely encountered in the clinic, which plays an important role in various pediatric respiratory diseases.[]

  • Nephrotic Syndrome

    Treatment with hydroxyurea resulted in rapid improvement in proteinuria that correlated with a decrease in hematocrit.[] Abdomen is soft, non-tender, non-distended and without masses or shifting dullness. No hepatosplenomegaly. He has normal male genitalia with no scrotal edema.[] Author information 1 Ministry of Education, Key Laboratory of Child Development and Disorders, Key Laboratory of Pediatrics in Chongqing, Chongqing International Science and[]

  • Hypernatremia

    ICD-10-CM) 2017 (effective 10/1/2016) : No change 2018 (effective 10/1/2017) : No change 2019 (effective 10/1/2018) : No change Edema, edematous (infectious) (pitting) (toxic[] Extrapontine myelinolysis (EPM) is an uncommon disorder in children, with few pediatric cases reported to date.[] Hematocrit and hemoglobin decreased (26% 3% to 24% 2%, P .001 and 9.1 1.1 to 8.2 0.8 g/dL, P .001, respectively).[]

  • Thyroid Crisis

    Pretibial plaques/nodules/non-pitting edema Goiter/Thyroid Nodules Few scoring systems or guidelines have been suggested or validated, and the scoring system proposed by[] Endocrinology: Adult and Pediatric. 7th ed. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier Saunders; 2016:chap 82. Thiessen MEW. Thyroid and adrenal disorders.[] […] appetite, whole body pain, and in the laboratory there was a decrease in platelet levels, and elevated hematocrit levels according to the diagnosis of dengue hemorrhagic[]

  • Thyrotropin

    On admission, (in August, 1992), she appeared clinically to be myxoedematous because of puffy face and non-pitting leg edema.[] Newborn thyroid screening has eliminated cretinism from the industrialized world and decreased the adverse effects of unrecognized CH on neurocognitive development.[] Hematocrit, a pre-analytic variable that affects the measurement of TSH from a DBS, contributes to the imprecision of DBS TSH measurement and could account for false-negative[]