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3,783 Possible Causes for Hematuria, Nail Hypoplasia, Polychromasia in Peripheral Blood Smear

  • Nail-Patella Syndrome

    Renal involvement occurs in 30-60% of patients and presents with proteinuria and/or microscopic hematuria, edema, hypertension.[] […] by nail hypoplasia or aplasia, aplastic or hypoplastic patellae, elbow dysplasia, and the presence of iliac horns as well as renal and ocular anomalies.[] Laboratory studies include urinalysis which reveals hematuria and proteinuria.[]

    Missing: Polychromasia in Peripheral Blood Smear
  • Congenital Dyserythropoietic Anemia Type 1

    Anisopoikilocytosis with tear-drop forms, polychromasia, basophilic stippling in peripheral blood smear, erythroid hyperplasia with megaloblastoid changes, binucleated cells[] It is occasionally associated with bone abnormalities, especially of the hands and feet (acrodysostosis), nail hypoplasia, and scoliosis.[] There were multiple anomalies, including nail hypoplasia/aplasia and syndactyly of the feet (Figs. 1A and B).[]

    Missing: Hematuria
  • Nephroblastoma

    The mass may be discovered incidentally or during a workup following trauma, hematuria, or hypertension.[] We report on a girl with maxillary hypoplasia, prominent ears, dry sparse hair, palmar and plantar keratoderma, dystrophic nails, patchy pigmented skin lesions in hands and[] Large tumor size and gross hematuria were associated with risk of a poorer outcome.[]

    Missing: Polychromasia in Peripheral Blood Smear
  • Acute Juvenile Hemorrhagic Cystitis

    Hematuria is a topic covered in the 5-Minute Clinical Consult.[] In addition to hemorrhagic cystitis, temporary hematuria can also be seen in bladder infection or in children as a result of viral infection.[] Diseases Glomerular Tubular Reflux Glycosuria Goodpasture Syndrome Hair Dye Ingestion and Acute Kidney Injury Hantavirus Infection Podocytopathy Heat Stress Nephropathy Hematuria[]

    Missing: Polychromasia in Peripheral Blood Smear
  • Myelodysplasia

    Some patients may develop hemoptysis, hematuria or have blood in stools. Severe cases of anemia may manifest as tachycardia and congestive heart failure.[] […] and skin changes, thumb hypoplasia, dysmorphic facial features, pulmonary fibrosis Clinical phenotypes – chronic bone marrow failure and aplastic anemia, clonal neoplasms[] Hemoptysis, hematuria, and blood in stools may occur.[]

    Missing: Polychromasia in Peripheral Blood Smear
  • Renal Hematuria

    A patient with unilateral gross hematuria was found to have mesangial proliferation and IgM deposition on renal biopsy, consistent with the entity of primary renal hematuria[] […] syndrome (autosomal dominant; nail and patella hypoplasia; hematuria in 33%) Renal tubular acidosis type 1 (autosomal dominant or autoimmune) Hematologic causes Bleeding[] In all 4 cases the hematuria resolved within four days without significant complications.[]

    Missing: Polychromasia in Peripheral Blood Smear
  • Urinary Tract Disease

    In 487 patients with hematuria the results of the combined studies were compared with blinded prospective interpretations of each.[] Another recent development in lower urinary tract disease of cats is the recognition that urolithiasis appears to be a minor cause of the signs of frequency, urgency and hematuria[] N30.40 …… without hematuria N30.41 …… with hematuria N30.8 Other cystitis N30.80 …… without hematuria N30.81 …… with hematuria N30.9 Cystitis, unspecified N30.90 …… without[]

    Missing: Nail Hypoplasia Polychromasia in Peripheral Blood Smear
  • Cystitis

    Emphysematous cystitis presenting as painless gross hematuria.[] […] interstitial cystitis (IC), such as voiding frequency, urgency with urge incontinence, dysuria, nocturia, burning sensation during urination, post urination pain, painful hematuria[] It is a very rare chronic inflammatory disease presenting with dysuria, pelvic pain and gross hematuria.[]

    Missing: Nail Hypoplasia Polychromasia in Peripheral Blood Smear
  • Acute Cystitis

    N30.1 Interstitial cystitis (chronic) N30.10 …… without hematuria N30.2 Other chronic cystitis N30.20 …… without hematuria N30.30 …… without hematuria Reimbursement claims[] Convert to ICD-10-CM : 595.0 converts approximately to: 2015/16 ICD-10-CM N30.00 Acute cystitis without hematuria Or: 2015/16 ICD-10-CM N30.01 Acute cystitis with hematuria[] These patients may also complain of fever, lower abdominal or flank pain, and hematuria. These patients are often not toxic or severely ill.[]

    Missing: Nail Hypoplasia Polychromasia in Peripheral Blood Smear
  • Urinary Tract Infection

    We report the case of a 5-year-old girl who presented with hematuria and a urinary tract infection and on workup was found to have a large bladder mass.[] Hematuria may be present but does not help differentiate pyelonephritis from cystitis. Urine culture reveals 10 5 CFU/mL in 80% to 95% of cases.[] Key findings pointing toward UTI include pyuria (which can, however, have other causes), hematuria (a finding helpful mainly in excluding alternative diagnoses such as urethritis[]

    Missing: Nail Hypoplasia Polychromasia in Peripheral Blood Smear

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