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442 Possible Causes for Hematuria, Prostatic Lesion

  • Carcinoma of the Prostate

    IDC-P has to be distinguished from several other prostate lesions with similar histological appearance.[] When the disease is not clinically silent, patients complain about a weak urine stream, hesitancy, incontinence, hematuria, back pain or urine retention.[] Morphologic recognition and distinction from other prostatic lesions and tumors with prominent lymphoid stroma is critical for its clinical management.[]

  • Prostatic Abscess

    Symptoms Common symptoms include Urinary frequency Dysuria Urinary retention Perineal pain, evidence of acute epididymitis , hematuria, and a purulent urethral discharge are[] Coronal View CT scan of abdomen and pelvis showing multiple ring enhancing lesions with in prostate (red arrows) Panel B.[] Five patients (1.2%) had terminal hematuria in addition. Nine of the 24 patients (37.5%) were diabetic, of whom seven were insulin dependent.[]

  • Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate

    We describe a case of ductal adenocarcinoma of the prostate with endometrioid characteristics presenting as painless hematuria and intraurethral tumor.[] Colonoscopy, positron emission tomography, and other tumor surveys showed this to be the only prostate lesion.[] A 62-year-old man presented with a 4-month history of persistent microscopic hematuria following a urinary tract infection.[]

  • Prostate Rhabdomyosarcoma

    He presented with gross hematuria and high fever. The level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) was 27.9 ng/ml.[] After explaining the patient, he was subjected to definitive local radiotherapy to prostate at 60-65 Gy with weekly radiotherapy to lung lesion.[] We treated a rare case of spindle cell variant of embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma (RMS) of the prostate of a patient referred to our hospital for gross hematuria.[]

  • Urinary Tract Disease

    In 487 patients with hematuria the results of the combined studies were compared with blinded prospective interpretations of each.[] Adrenal lesions can be identified and clarified.[] Another recent development in lower urinary tract disease of cats is the recognition that urolithiasis appears to be a minor cause of the signs of frequency, urgency and hematuria[]

  • Cystitis

    Emphysematous cystitis presenting as painless gross hematuria.[] Men with an enlarged prostate: an enlarged prostate in the older male prevents the bladder from emptying completely.[] […] interstitial cystitis (IC), such as voiding frequency, urgency with urge incontinence, dysuria, nocturia, burning sensation during urination, post urination pain, painful hematuria[]

  • Prostatic Cyst

    Discussion Cystic lesions of prostate The regular use of ultrasound scan for evaluating Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms has shown up different cystic lesions of prostate gland[] Abstract A 9-year-old Labrador retriever dog was presented with a history of cystitis such as hematuria and urinary incontinence.[] Clinical presentation is variable and includes pelvic mass, obstructive and irritative urinary tract symptoms, hematuria, and suprapubic or rectal pain.[]

  • Prostatic Calculus

    The image in lower row shows small amount of post voiding residual urine, one of the results of such cystic lesions in the prostate.[] The patients with urethral calculi may be completely asymptomatic or may have symptoms of varying severity ranging from hematuria, burning sensation in the urethra on urination[] Prostatic calculi manifest with lower urinary tract symptoms, which include dysuria, rarely hematuria, pelvic pain, obstruction and infection.[]

  • Stage IV Prostate Carcinoma

    […] excellent ultrasound equipment to directly target suspicious lesions within the prostate gland.[] Symptoms Common symptoms of prostate cancer include bloody semen; difficulty initiating or stopping urination; frequency of urination (especially nocturnal); hematuria; pain[] When symptoms occur, they include urinary complaints (retention, urgency, frequency, nocturia, dysuria, hematuria) and back pain.[]

  • Urethral Polyp

    In males, an isolated gross postcoital hematuria is a very rare clinical phenomenon.[] Reactive polypoid lesions may also result in the prostatic urethra.[] Conclusions : A gross postcoital hematuria may be associated with a urethral polyp.[]

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