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30 Possible Causes for Hemiplegia, Optic Disc Pallor, Visual Field Test Abnormal

  • Occipital Lobe Tumor

    […] tumor in the frontal lobe may cause the following: Behavioral and emotional changes Impaired judgment Impaired sense of smell Memory loss Paralysis on one side of the body (hemiplegia[] With maturity, more rigorous computerized visual field tests are possible.[] Patient develop an increasing frequency of seizures and progressive hemiplegia.[]

  • Foster-Kennedy Syndrome

    グレー・ターナー グレイ・ターナー Grey Turner's sign グレー・ターナー徴候 Grocco グロッコ Grocco triangle グロッコ三角 PietroGrocco(1856-1916) Ialianphysician Gubler-Foville ギュブレール・フォヴィル グブレル・フォビーユ Gubler-Foville hemiplegia[] The original description of the Foster Kennedy syndrome included the clinical triad of optic disc pallor in one eye, optic disc edema in the other eye, and reduced olfaction[] An 11-year-old boy with a juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma developed optic disc pallor in one eye and optic disc edema in the other eye (Foster Kennedy Syndrome [FKS])[]

  • Chiasmal Syndrome

    A 35-year-old woman presented with hemiplegia of left upper limb and dysarthria. Dysarthria was resolved spontaneously after half an hour.[] This can be tested easily at bedside. Visual fields The hallmark abnormality associated with chiasmal compression is a bitemporal superior quadrantanopsia.[] Figure 1: Humphrey automated static perimetry shows complete bitemporal hemianopia Click here to view Figure 2: (a) Fundus photography showing optic disc pallor in the left[]

  • Optic Neuropathy

    This syndrome is usually associated with hemiplegia and hemiparesis and often the patient will adjust to this visual mismatch by shifting their weight and will actually walk[] With this information, it is possible to correlate the degree of slimming within these layers to abnormalities in the visual fields.[] , and (f) development of optic disc pallor, usually within 6-8 weeks.[]

  • Neuromyelitis Optica

    This swelling resulted in spastic hemiplegia with severe painful dysesthesia.[] Two patients who presented with clinical optic neuritis also had abnormal VEPs and optic disc pallor.[] Gowers WR (1870) Remarks on functional hemiplegia in child-bearing women. Br Med J 2:351–352 CrossRef Google Scholar 7.[]

  • Behr Syndrome

    グレー・ターナー グレイ・ターナー Grey Turner's sign グレー・ターナー徴候 Grocco グロッコ Grocco triangle グロッコ三角 PietroGrocco(1856-1916) Ialianphysician Gubler-Foville ギュブレール・フォヴィル グブレル・フォビーユ Gubler-Foville hemiplegia[] Differential Diagnosis Optic atrophy versus other causes of optic disc pallor: • Pallor of optic disc in partial optic atrophy must be differentiated from other causes of[] Certain disc appearances can help to determine the cause for the optic nerve damage. Sector disc pallor in an older individual could have been caused by NAION.[]

  • Suprasellar Tumor

    The patient, unfortunately, woke up postoperatively with dense left sided hemiplegia [Figure 3] . Figure 3.[] Neurological examination revealed pallor of the left optic disc. There was no extraocular dysmotility or facial numbness.[] This patient was successfully treated with a complete gross total resection, but dense left sided hemiplegia had occurred postoperatively secondary to cerebral vasospasm.[]

  • Multiple Sclerosis

    We describe the case of a woman who came to our attention for acute onset and very rapidly worsening left hemiplegia, vision loss and cognitive impairment.[] The evolution of temporal optic disc pallor (arrow) after left optic neuritis.[] Three weeks later, she was readmitted with left eye vision loss and left hemiplegia (CD4 cell count 342 cells/µl). Repeat imaging showed multiple new enhancing lesions.[]

  • Retrobulbar Neuritis

    Complete recovery from the left hemiplegia followed the use of corticosteroid, and her brain MRI findings also improved after medication.[] For this same reason the difference between perceptual delays for two sites in the visual field (T s) may also be abnormal.[] Loss of colour vision and optic disc pallor are commonly found in asymptomatic patients with dominant optic atrophy.[]

  • Malignant Glioma

    A 57-year-old, previously healthy man who developed acute onset of hemiplegia is presented.[] […] nerve head (although disc pallor may also be observed with posterior lesions).[] We present the first case of pregnancy-related post-traumatic malignant glioma in a 29-year-old female who was admitted because of left sided hemiplegia and epilepsy due to[]

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