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190 Possible Causes for Hemopericardium

  • Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

    Although there was no overt hemorrhage, the acute anemia probably resulted from a combination of hemolysis, hemopericardium, and gastrointestinal bleeding (positive fecal[]

  • Acute Pericarditis

    […] acute pericarditis I30.9 Acute pericarditis, unspecified I31 Other diseases of pericardium I31.0 Chronic adhesive pericarditis I31.1 Chronic constrictive pericarditis I31.2 Hemopericardium[] In acute massive hemopericardium, the time is insufficient for defibrination to occur.[] Hemopericardium is the most common feature of penetrating cardiac injuries.[]

  • Myocardial Contusion

    […] criteria: (1) an abnormal echocardiography compatible with myocardial contusion; (2) severe cardiac rhythm abnormalities; (3) severe cardiac conduction abnormalities; and (4) hemopericardium[] J Trauma Acute Care... 861.01 Contusion of heart without mention of open wound into thorax S26.01XA Contusion of heart with hemopericardium, initial encounter S26.11XA Contusion[] Two-dimensional echocardiography can also demonstrate other complications of cardiac trauma such as intramyocardial hematoma and hemopericardium. with the technical assistance[]

  • Blue Rubber Bleb Nevus Syndrome

    […] chronic hemorrhage due to acute blood loss following hematemesis, rectal bleeding or melena, hemoptysis, hematuria, epistaxis or nasal bleeding or signs of hemothorax or hemopericardium[] […] present with wide range of symptoms like anaemia, pain abdomen, massive gastrointestinal bleed, intussusception, volvulus, menorrhagia, haematuria, epistaxis, hemothorax, hemopericardium[] Intussusception, hemothorax, hemopericardium, pulmonary hypertension, dementia, paraparesis, ataxia, cortical blindness.[]

  • Pericarditis

    In acute massive hemopericardium, the time is insufficient for defibrination to occur.[] In certain situations, patients with cardiac tamponade or hemopericardium must go directly to surgery.[] The hemopericardium organizes and may partially clot, resulting in a pericardial hematoma. The hematoma may appear echogenic instead of echo free.[]

  • Hordeolum Internum

    […] left carotid artery S21.022 Laceration with foreign body of left breast S22.022 Unstable burst fracture of second thoracic vertebra S26.022 Major laceration of heart with hemopericardium[]

  • Evan's Syndrome

    Evans syndrome with non-ST segment elevation myocardial infarction complicated by hemopericardium.[]

  • Pulmonary Embolism

    Pulmonary embolism Chest spiral CT scan with radiocontrast agent showing multiple filling defects both at the bifurcation ("saddle" pulmonary embolism) and in the pulmonary arteries . Specialty Hematology , cardiology , pulmonology Symptoms Shortness of breath , chest pain , coughing up blood [1] Complications Passing[…][]

  • Cyclophosphamide

    Hemopericardium has occurred secondary to hemorrhagic myocarditis and myocardial necrosis. Pericarditis has been reported independent of any hemopericardium.[]

  • Valvuloplasty

    The reported incidence of hemopericardium ranges from 0.5% to 12.0%.[] […] procedure: comparing patients at high and low surgical risk, the immediate and 30-day mortality rate was 2% versus 0.5%, and 8% versus 0.6%, respectively. 78 The occurrence of hemopericardium[] 12 ] This procedure is as efficacious as balloon commissurotomy, but it is more demanding on the operator than the Inoue technique and appears to carry a higher risk of hemopericardium[]

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