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255 Possible Causes for Hemopericardium

  • Pulmonary Embolism

    Pulmonary embolism (PE) is a blockage of an artery in the lungs by a substance that has moved from elsewhere in the body through the bloodstream (embolism). Symptoms of a PE may include shortness of breath, chest pain particularly upon breathing in, and coughing up blood. Symptoms of a blood clot in the leg may[…][]

  • Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

    Although there was no overt hemorrhage, the acute anemia probably resulted from a combination of hemolysis, hemopericardium, and gastrointestinal bleeding (positive fecal[]

  • Acute Pericarditis

    In acute massive hemopericardium, the time is insufficient for defibrination to occur.[] The hemopericardium organizes and may partially clot, resulting in a pericardial hematoma. The hematoma may appear echogenic instead of echo free.[] […] any pericardial fluid in the setting of penetrating injury to the thorax or upper abdomen requires aggressive resuscitation; penetrating cardiac injuries may occur, with hemopericardium[]

  • Hemopericardium

    A large hemopericardium may be the only early manifestation of significant injury. In the acute setting, a circumferential hemopericardium may be deemed large.[] Hemopericardium refers to blood in the pericardial sac of the heart.[] From Wikidata Jump to navigation Jump to search pericardial effusion that results from blood in the pericardial sac Haemopericardium hemopericardium edit English hemopericardium[]

  • Cardiac Tamponade

    We previously reported a case with ultrasound findings of a homogeneous hemopericardium and evidence highly indicative of hemorrhagic cardiac tamponade complicated by AAAD[] Compression of the heart by accumulated fluid (pericardial effusion) or blood (hemopericardium) in the pericardium surrounding the heart.[] Medical therapy was continued after the hemopericardium was aspirated. The patient remained asymptomatic 3 years after hospital discharge.[]

  • Myocardial Abscess

    Hemopericardium due to ventricular wall rupture secondary to a myocardial abscess has been infrequently reported, but, to our knowledge, only one other report of hemopericardium[] A case is presented of hemopericardium and sudden death due to rupture of a solitary myocardial abscess in an elderly woman with cirrhosis and mild urosepsis.[] Free-wall myocardial abscess perforation with hemopericardium and sudden death is an extremely infrequent complication of infective endocarditis (IE).[]

  • Pericardial Disorder

    A Acute pericarditis C Cardiac tamponade Constrictive pericarditis H Hemopericardium M Myopericarditis P Pericardial effusion Pericarditis Pneumopericardium T Tuberculous[] Hemopericardium (accumulation of blood within the pericardium) may lead to pericarditis or pericardial fibrosis.[] Hemopericardium. A: This echocardiogram was obtained from a 73-year-old man who is septic with Streptococcus mitis and is hypotensive.[]

  • Pericardial Effusion

    MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study included 128 consecutive patients (82 males, 46 females; mean age 66.6 years, SD: 4.2) complicated by pericardial effusion or hemopericardium[] KEYWORDS: Anticoagulation; Atrial fibrillation; Dabigatran; Hemopericardium; Pleural effusion[] Fifteen patients (7.2%) in the pericardiocentesis group required surgery due to recurrent effusion, persistent bleeding, or clotted hemopericardium.[]

  • Traumatic Heart Rupture

    A DISTURBING feature of the occasional case of fatal hemopericardium following anticoagulant therapy for myocardial infarction is the absence of an obvious explanation for[] Tall, peaked precordial T waves often are seen in patients with hemopericardium.[] Stab wounds to the right ventricle occasionally lead to hemopericardium without progressing to tamponade.[]

  • Chest Trauma

    This article reports a case of fatal delayed hemopericardium and hemothorax following a motor vehicle accident including blunt chest trauma 34 days prior to death.[] Echocardiography and enhanced computed tomography showed hemopericardium without other vital organ damage.[] Hemopericardium with cardiac tamponade after non-penetrating chest trauma is a very rare but life-threatening condition.[]

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