262 Possible Causes for Hemophilia A in USA

    • Warfarin
      Hemophilia B Hemophilia A

      Warfarin should be used with caution in the following cases: Hemophilia and other bleeding problems Liver problems Kidney problems. … Before taking this medicine You should not take warfarin if you are allergic to it, or if you have: hemophilia or any bleeding disorder that is inherited or caused by disease[1] [2]

    • Hemophilia A

      The main form of hemophilia is hemophilia A. … Hemophilia A, also known as classical hemophilia, is a genetic bleeding disorder caused by insufficient levels of a blood protein called factor VIII. … In rare cases, hemophilia A can be acquired during life (acquired hemophilia A) as a result of an auto-antibody to factor VIII.[3]

    • Acute Leukemia
      Hemophilia B Hemophilia A
    • Uterine Hemorrhage
      Hemophilia B Hemophilia A
    • Postoperative Hemorrhage
      Hemophilia B Hemophilia A
    • Hemophilia B
      Hemophilia B

      Hemophilia B is four times less common than hemophilia A. … […] and not have hemophilia. … That means if a son inherits an X chromosome carrying hemophilia from his mother, he will have hemophilia.[4]

    • Arthralgia
      Hemophilia B

      More from this author: Rituximab linked with reduced chronic immune disease following stem cell transplantation , High-dose prophylaxis for hemophilia increases costs with[5]

    • Acquired Hemophilia

      The clinical picture of acquired hemophilia differs from that of hereditary hemophilia. … […] than in patients with congenital hemophilia (see the image below). [ 13 ] Sites of bleeding in patients with acquired hemophilia (n 149). … The etiology underlying the difference in bleeding symptomatology between acquired and congenital hemophilia is unknown. [ 8 ] Typical signs of acquired hemophilia A include[6]

    • Hemophilia

      […] of hemophilia. … Hemophilia persists for life. … Incidence According to the World Federation of Hemophilia, the ratio of hemophilia A is 1:10,000 live births and 1:50,000 live births for hemophilia B.[7]

    • Cystinuria

      Hemophilia A and B. … For this reason, most people with hemophilia B are male. … Alternative Names Christmas disease; Factor IX hemophilia; Bleeding disorder - hemophilia B Causes When you bleed, a series of reactions take place in the body that helps[8]

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