75 Possible Causes for Hemophilia B in USA

    • Warfarin
      Hemophilia B
    • Acute Leukemia
      Hemophilia B
    • Hemophilia B
      Hemophilia B

      An individual with acquired hemophilia B is not born with the condition. … Although the focus of this report is the genetic, or inherited, form of hemophilia B, it should be noted that another form called acquired hemophilia B can develop, most commonly … The most famous family with hemophilia B was that of Queen Victoria of England.[1]

    • Uterine Hemorrhage
      Hemophilia B
    • Postoperative Hemorrhage
      Hemophilia B
    • Arthralgia
      Hemophilia B
    • Cystinuria

      For this reason, most people with hemophilia B are male. … Some people with hemophilia B develop antibodies to factor IX. … Hemophilia B is the result of the body not making enough factor IX.[2]

    • Hemophilia

      Hemophilia B Hemophilia B is an X-linked genetic disease caused by mutation of the gene for clotting factor IX (FIX). … Hemophilia B is a less common variant of this disease which occurs due to a deficiency of Christmas factor (FIX). … Due to mutations, a deficiency of clotting factor VIII, resulting in hemophilia A, or factor IX, resulting in hemophilia B, occur.[3]

    • Hemophilia A

      […] target: Hemophilia B/A Name: AMT-606 (for hemophilia B; hemophilia A program undisclosed) Vector: AAV5 Therapeutic gene: Wild-type Factor IX Program origin: St. … BAXTER INTERNATIONAL Disease target: Hemophilia B/A Name: BAX-335 (for hemophilia B; hemophilia A program undisclosed) Vector: AAV8 Therapeutic gene: Padua mutant Factor IX … Status: Expects to start clinical testing in 2015 SPARK THERAPEUTICS Disease target: Hemophilia B/A Name: SPK-FIX (for hemophilia B, partnered with Pfizer; hemophilia A program[4]

    • Factor IX

      RESULTS: All 18 children had severe hemophilia B, and in each an inhibitor antibody to FIX developed. … B. … Laboratory testing for establishment of the diagnosis of hemophilia B and inhibitor to FIX was done locally at the centers treating these patients.[5]

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