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49 Possible Causes for Hemophthalmos

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  • Vitreous Abscess

    […] other ocular disorders 360.34 Flat anterior chamber of eye 360.40 Degenerated globe or eye, unspecified 360.41 Blind hypotensive eye 360.42 Blind hypertensive eye 360.43 Hemophthalmos[] ( H44.81 ) 210 Hemophthalmos, right eye( H44.811 ) 211 Hemophthalmos, left eye( H44.812 ) 212 Hemophthalmos, bilateral( H44.813 ) 213 Hemophthalmos, unspecified eye( H44.819[] […] eye ( 360.4 ) Degenerated conditions of globe ( 360.40 ) Degenerated globe or eye unspecified ( 360.41 ) Blind hypotensive eye ( 360.42 ) Blind hypertensive eye ( 360.43 ) Hemophthalmos[]

  • Argentinian Hemorrhagic Fever

    Argentinian hemorrhagic Fever (AHF) is a febrile, acute disease caused by Junín virus (JUNV), a member of the Arenaviridae. Different approaches to obtain an effective antigen to prevent AHF using complete live or inactivated virus, as well as molecular constructs, have reached diverse development stages. This[…][]

  • Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

    Low-dose antithrombin supplementation therapy (1500 IU/d for 3 days) improves outcomes in patients with sepsis-induced disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC). This retrospective study evaluated the optimal antithrombin activity threshold to initiate supplementation, and the effects of supplementation therapy[…][]

  • Coagulation Abnormalities

    Leprosy is a chronic dermato-neurological disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae infection. In 2016, more than 200,000 new cases of leprosy were detected around the world, representing the most frequent cause of infectious irreversible deformities and disabilities. In the present work, we demonstrate a consistent[…][]

  • Neovascular Glaucoma

    The most frequent complications to the NVG were hemophthalmos, cataract and absolute glaucoma.[]

  • Castor Bean Poisoning

    Castor bean poisoning is associated with severe gastroenteritis, multiorgan failure, and cardiovascular shock. The poisoning is attributed to ricin, which is the toxic substance found in castor beans. Castor beans contain ricin, a toxic compound responsible for the poisoning that ensues with the exposure. Found in[…][]

  • Scurvy

    Scurvy is a nutritional disease caused by ascorbic acid deficiency and is potentially fatal. It was originally described in the 18th century by James Lind and associated with long sea voyages and insufficient citrus consumption. Its prevalence has declined markedly over the years but has still been described[…][]

  • Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever

    This paper describes the clinical, epidemiological, and laboratory investigations undertaken to isolate and identify the etiological agent of a nosocomial cluster of hemorrhagic fever cases due to Crimean hemorrhagic fever (CHR)-Congo virus. Since this virus is usually transmitted by ticks it was surprising that the[…][]

  • Filovirus

    Testing an innovative therapy for filovirus hemorrhagic fever (FHF) in an outbreak setting may be years away. Moreover, beyond anecdotal evidence, little is known about best practice for outbreak case management. Currently, Médecins Sans Frontières and others provide FHF patients with basic supportive treatment.[…][]

  • Brazilian Hemorrhagic Fever

    Brazilian hemorrhagic fever, caused by Sabiá virus, has been documented in three cases. It is characterized by a gradual and progressive illness consisting of constitutional symptoms, hemorrhage, neurologic manifestations, etc. Complications include shock, coma, and death. Brazilian hemorrhagic fever is caused by the[…][]

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