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601 Possible Causes for Hemorrhage, Pelvic Pain in Women

  • Ovarian Cyst

    The pre-operative work up was absolute for a rupturred hemorrhagic cyst and secondariy for a ruptured ectopic gestation.[] Acute pelvic pain in women is a common diagnostic dilemma encountered by the gynecologist. We describe a case of acute pelvic pain with an unusual etiology.[] It affects women during the reproductive years and may cause chronic pelvic pain associated with menstruation.[]

  • Abruptio Placentae

    Relative risks of placental abruption or antepartum hemorrhage with their 95% confidence intervals were calculated with the use of random effect models.[] […] for uncontrollable hemorrhage.[] We aimed to estimate the effect of aspirin on the risk of placental abruption or antepartum hemorrhage in relation to gestational age at onset of therapy and the dosage of[]

  • Ectopic Pregnancy

    […] the performance of computed tomography (CT) as a diagnostic aid to differentiate between ruptured ovarian corpus luteal cyst (ROCLC) and ruptured ectopic pregnancy with hemorrhage[] Women with pelvic pain and vaginal bleeding of any severity for 3 days had a high EP rate of 16% (23/146).[] The main concern with surgical treatment is hemorrhage and the need for cornual reconstruction, which necessitate advanced laparoscopic skills and technique.[]

  • Postpartum Hemorrhage

    The most common cause of postpartum hemorrhage is uterine atony. The first indication of postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) may be blood-drenched pads and bed sheets.[] Primary PPH is bleeding within the first 24 hour of delivery and secondary PPH is hemorrhage that occurs more than 24 hour after delivery.[] […] as every pregnancy has the potential to be complicated by hemorrhage.[]

  • Pelvic Fracture

    The main outcome was active hemorrhage on pelvic angiography.[] Pelvic fractures are accompanied by severe pain, chronic immobility and loss of function and independence in the elderly.[] Older women have weak bones, due to a condition called osteoporosis, which may lead to pelvic fractures from simple falls while walking (slight force injuries).[]

  • Postpartum Hemorrhage of the Uterus

    Pelvic arterial embolization or PAE, a minimally invasive, life-saving therapy, is a safe and effective treatment for postpartum hemorrhage, say researchers at the Society[] Buzolits, Anna; Geshwender, Sarah; Petri, Taylor; Toor, Jordan Abstract: The project focused on creating a method of prevention for postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) in low-income[] While most women recover well from postpartum hemorrhage, an untreated postpartum hemorrhage can lead to a severe drop in blood pressure that can cut off blood flow to vital[]

  • Retained Placental Fragment

    When will a Late PP hemorrhage occur? A hemorrhage 24 hrs and What are the S/S of a late PP hemorrhage?[] Fetal demise.: Fetal hemorrhage is rare but potentially lethal.[] Pathophysiology There are different main causes of postpartum hemorrhage, and they cause bleeding in different ways.[]

  • Labor

    Results: Data showed that 36 women (17.0%) had postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) and 51 cases (24.1%) featured fetal distress.[] The patient was delivered by cesarean section and prophylactic bilateral uterine artery ligation was performed to prevent postpartum hemorrhage.[] The factors affecting maternal and neonatal outcomes for cases involving VBAC, especially with regards to postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) and fetal distress, were evaluated by[]

  • Choriocarcinoma

    There are published cases of cerebral hemorrhage secondary to vascular alterations caused by choriocarcinoma metastases.[] The most common symptoms of choriocarcinoma are lack of menstrual period, symptoms of pregnancy, abnormal vaginal bleeding or pelvic pain.[] Hemorrhagic choriocarcinoma lesions may lead to life-threatening conditions also.[]

  • Acute Cystitis

    […] in pregnancy, before birth Acute cystitis in pregnancy Acute cystitis in pregnancy, antepartum Acute cystitis in pregnancy, before birth Acute cystitis postpartum Acute hemorrhagic[] […] change 2018 (effective 10/1/2017) : No change 2019 (effective 10/1/2018) : No change Diagnosis Index entries containing back-references to N30.00 : Cystitis (exudative) (hemorrhagic[] The Extracranial Consequences of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage . World Neurosurgery, Vol. 109, Issue. , p. 381.[]

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