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24 Possible Causes for Hemorrhoids, Uterine Prolapse, Volvulus

  • Hypermobility Syndrome

    Soft tissue problems: Hernias (hiatus hernia or inguinal hernia, nucleus pulposus hernia); varicose veins in young people, hemorrhoids, varicocele; vaginal or rectal prolapse[] Women with BJHS may also have uterine prolapse (a condition in which part of the uterus slips down into the vaginal canal).[] ; 6 uterine prolapse; and varicose veins. 2 Larsson 7 et al., state that patients with HMS who have a sedentary job have increased spinal pain.[]

  • Morbid Obesity

    Sleeve gastrectomy leaves the stomach with no fixations along the entire greater curvature, which may predispose to volvulus.[] The patient developed a partial obstruction secondary to a mixed volvulus mechanism (organo-axial and partially mesenteric-axial) after sleeve gastrectomy.[] On the other hand, gastric volvulus is reported in those subjects where, either because of laxity of the gastric anatomical fixations or incorrect position of the stomach,[]

  • Constipation

    Hemorrhoidal suppositories and sitz baths may offer symptomatic relief.[] We describe a challenging case of sigmoid volvulus where a previously unrecognised anatomical condition, rather than the patient's age, was the main predisposing factor.[] We identified three late surgical complications (7%): a caecal distension, an ileo-caecal volvulus and an ileal volvulus. all patients were successfully treated. an evident[]

  • Rectal Prolapse

    RIMP is not frequently associated with hemorrhoids.[] An emergent laparotomy showed small intestinal volvulus, without congenital malformation or intestinal adhesions. We diagnosed it as primary small intestinal volvulus.[] prolapse (13–30%) Mental retardation Marfan syndrome Ehlers-Danlos disease Urinary incontinence (found in 25–35% of patients with rectal prolapse) Renal calculi (particularly[]

  • Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

    Pes Planus Sciatica Internal Hemorrhoids Ovarian cysts Chronic Nausea, vomiting, and IBS TMJ pain and dental fractures Tendonitis Heart Irregularities Chronic Neck, Shoulder[] In contrast, oral barium gastrointestinal transit X-ray images obtained with changes in the patient's body position revealed position-dependent cecal volvulus with mobile[] Maternal risks are cervical insufficiency, uterine prolapse, uterine tear, poor wound healing during the postpartum period, and excessive bleeding both during and postdelivery[]

  • Rectal Perforation

    PURPOSE: Our aim was to explore possible causes of rectal perforation occurring in patients who undergo the procedure for prolapse and hemorrhoids.[] Prenatal volvulus with pseudocyst perforating the perineum. J Pediatr Surg 1966; 1:288–291. 6.[] prolapse, or as a consequence of iatrogenic injuries and blunt trauma to abdomen [1].[]

  • Partial Pyloric Obstruction

    移植片対宿主病 gram-negative bacilli グラム陰性桿菌 greater curvature大彎 h hamartoma過誤腫 heartburn胸やけ Helicobacter pylori ヘリコバクターピロリ hemangioma血管腫 hematemesis吐血 hematochezia血便 hematuria血尿 hemorrhoid[] Most probably, the perforation along the major curvature had stemmed from partial gastric volvulus.[] الصفحة 284 - Vaginal delivery" Cesarean section In uninfected tissue Urethral catheterization Uterine dilatation and curettage Therapeutic abortion Sterilization procedures[]

  • Puerperium

    Hemorrhoids and bowel movements If you notice pain during bowel movements and feel swelling near your anus, you might have hemorrhoids — stretched and swollen veins in the[] Obstruction was secondary to volvulus.[] Some damage to the pelvic floor may be inevitable, and parturition predisposes to urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.[]

  • Polyps

    Diagnosis Treatment Eating, Diet, & Nutrition Clinical Trials Gastroparesis Definition & Facts Symptoms & Causes Diagnosis Treatment Eating, Diet, & Nutrition Clinical Trials Hemorrhoids[] Medical literature reveals a limited number of such cases presenting as acute abdomen due to bowel obstruction, small bowel volvulus and bleeding into the tumour.[] .- ) noninflammatory disorders of cervix, except malposition ( N86 - N88 ) polyp of corpus uteri ( N84.0 ) uterine prolapse ( N81.- ) Polyp, polypus uterus (body) (corpus)[]

  • Pudendal Hernia

    Kegel Product Support Kegel Weights (Female) Kegel Exercisers (Female) Prostate Massager (Male & Female) Peristal for hemorrhoids (Male & Female) Incontinence Clamp (Male)[] Umbilical hernia repair (Medical Encyclopedia) Ventral hernia repair (Medical Encyclopedia) [ Read More ] Intestinal Obstruction Also called: Bowel obstruction, Intestinal volvulus[] She underwent a colonoscopy and was told she had a hemorrhoid. Her family doctor sent her to a general surgeon who performed a hemorrhoidectomy.[]

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