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1,522 Possible Causes for hepatic, lipase,, rat

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  • Low Protein Diet

    Western blotting analysis showed that leptin content in the visceral tissue was higher in the LP rats (p Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart · New York.[] This study contributes to understanding the mechanisms of hepatic disorders of lipid metabolism.[] Lipoprotein lipase (LPL) activities were compared with the values of a control group fed a balanced diet containing 200 g protein/kg for 56 d.[]

  • High Fat Diet

    Rats were sham-operated ( n 10) or ovariectomized (OVX; n 40) and then fed a high-fat diet (HFD) to develop hyperlipidemia in OVX rats within the experimental period of 8[] The hypolipidemic effect occurred partly due to the regulation of hepatic lipase (HL) and lipoprotein lipase (LPL) in serum and liver to markedly decrease TG.[] Therefore, SNE have the potential to alleviate NAFL-induced hepatitis, and polyphenolic compounds are the main components of SNE.[]

  • Tolbutamide

    In addition, we investigated the effect of pomegranate juice on the pharmacokinetics of tolbutamide (substrate for CYP2C9) in rats.[] AIM OF THE STUDY: To investigate the effect of BT on hepatic drug-metabolizing enzymes and its effect on plasma concentrations of tolbutamide, a substrate of CYP2C, in rats[] No differences between the groups and no treatment effects were seen on LPL and hepatic lipase activities.[]

  • High Energy Diet

    In rats, these dietary components have been shown to disrupt hippocampal-dependent learning and memory processes, particularly those involving spatial memory.[] METHODS: (1)H-magnetic resonance spectroscopy was performed for assessing hepatic and myocardial TGs.[] High lipoprotein lipase activity and subsequent hydrolysis of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins may be an important source of elevated concentrations of fatty acid anions in[]

  • Hyperlipidemia

    This study aimed to investigate the hypolipidemic properties of Youcha in high-fat induced hyperlipidemic Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats.[] Abstract The first reported case of a girl with a combination of autoimmune hyperlipidemia and autoimmune hepatitis is described.[] The hepatic lipase activity of the PHP from the patient was 10.6 mmol/ml/h (normal range: 9.9 /-3.6).[]

  • Bile Salt

    […] in human HepG2-Ntcp and completely abolished in primary rat hepatocytes.[] Introduction of the less acidic sulfamide moiety and increased lipophilicity yield a hepatic disposition profile different from other endothelin receptor antagonists.[] L. (1991) A model for interfacial activation in lipases from the structure of a fungal lipase-inhibitor complex. ‏[]

  • Solanum

    METHODS: The study was carried out in bilaterally ovariectomized one-month-old Wistar rats (40-50 g).[] Hepatitis Interventional Therapy Group.[] […] polyphenols enriched extracts before and after simulated gastroduodenal digestion inhibited enzymes associated with metabolic syndrome, including α-glucosidase, amylase and lipase[]

  • Morus

    Abstract The inhibitory effect on human and rat intestinal disaccharidase by the extractive from the leaves of Morus alba (ELM) containing 0.24 % 1-deoxynojirimycin equivalent[] Moreover, OXY underwent extensive hepatic glucuronidation; yet, the parent MulA was kept intact in liver subcellular preparations.[] In an anti-obesity study with DIO mice, longterm oral administrations of EMA for 32 consecutive days produced a dose-dependent decrease in body weight and hepatic lipid accumulation[]

  • Retinoid

    Reduced expression of RXRα and RXRγ seems more significant than RXRβ in both human and rat carcinomas.[] hepatitis, and severe fibrosis or cirrhosis.[] KEYWORDS: hydrolase; knockout mouse; lipase; lysosomal acid lipase; retinoid; retinol; retinyl ester; vitamin A[]

  • Isoproterenol

    Human response to isoproterenol induced cardiac injury was evaluated by gene and protein pathway changes in human heart slices, and compared to rat heart slices and rat heart[] Measures of adipocyte lipolysis (basal, isoproterenol-, forskolin-, and cyclic dibutyryl-adenosine monophosphate (AMP)-stimulated) and adipose tissue lipoprotein lipase (LPL[] We examined the expression of alpha1- and beta-ARs in human HCC cell line HepG2 and MHCC97H cells in comparison with that in human normal hepatic cell line HL-7702 cells ([]

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