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2,789 Possible Causes for Hepatitis D

  • Hepatitis

    All measures aimed at preventing the transmission of HBV will prevent the transmission of hepatitis D.[] Summary of main results Chronic hepatitis D aggravates the natural course of hepatitis B infection. It is difficult to treat hepatitis D.[] Description of the condition Hepatitis D virus (HDV) is a unique RNA (ribonucleic acid) virus.[]

  • Alcoholic Hepatitis

    Sixty-eight patients with severe alcoholic hepatitis (Maddrey score or 32) received pentoxifylline (n 34, group I) or prednisolone (n 34, group II) for 28 d in a randomized[] RESULTS: Of 264 patients, 32 (12%) patients died within 28 d.[] A CLIF-SOFA score of 8 had 78.1% sensitivity and 79.7% specificity, and CLIF-C OFs of 10 had 68.8% sensitivity and 91.4% specificity for predicting 28-d mortality.[]

  • Viral Hepatitis

    ORIGINAL ARTICLE Year : 2013 Volume : 31 Issue : 3 Page : 261-265 Prevalence of hepatitis A virus, hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, hepatitis D virus and hepatitis E[] Viral hepatitis is an inflammatory liver condition that most commonly arises from hepatitis A virus (HAV), hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), hepatitis D virus[] Hepatitis D The hepatitis D virus is unusual because it can only infect you when you also have a hepatitis B virus infection.[]

  • Non-viral Hepatic Infection

    […] the hepatitis B, C and D core.[] Hepatitis D Also called delta hepatitis, hepatitis D is a serious liver disease caused by the hepatitis D virus (HDV).[] Types D, E, and G Hepatitis There also are viral hepatitis types D, E, and G.[]

  • Bacterial Hepatitis

    A fourth virus, hepatitis D, is uncommon in the United States.[] D virus (HDV), and hepatitis E virus (HEV).[] Hepatitis D Also called delta hepatitis, hepatitis D is a serious liver disease caused by the hepatitis D virus (HDV).[]

  • Hepatitis B

    Individuals coinfected with its satellite hepatitis D virus (HDV) have more severe disease. Cellular entry of both viruses is mediated by HBV envelope proteins.[] Hepatitis B e-antibody shows a less active infection. You are less contagious but can still infect others. Hepatitis D Hepatitis D antibodies are found.[] Background: Co-infection with hepatitis B (HBV) and hepatitis D (HDV) is common among human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infected individuals in developing countries and it[]

  • Hepatitis D

    […] as English hepatitis D Human disease delta hepatitis hepatitis type D Hepatitis D virus hepatitis delta HDV Statements Identifiers Sitelinks Wikipedia (25 entries) edit Wikibooks[] Hepatitis D occurs worldwide.[] Hepatitis D is caused by infection with hepatitis D virus (HDV), a defective RNA virus that requires the obligatory helper function of hepatitis B virus (HBV) for its in vivo[]

  • Vitamin D Deficiency

    D levels are associated with the course of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection, adverse effects, and treatment response to peginterferon/ribavirin.[] Among other communicable diseases, vitamin D deficiency is involved in the pathogenesis of chronic liver diseases caused by hepatitis B and C viruses (HBV, HCV) and high prevalence[] […] concentration and the response to hepatitis B vaccination.[]

  • Common Cold

    There are five main virus types that cause hepatitis---type A, B, C, D, and E. Hepatitis A and E are typically caused by ingesting contaminated food or water.[]

  • Sexually Transmitted Disease

    Karayiannis , Hepatitis D virus , Reviews in Medical Virology , 8 , 1 , (13-24) , (1998) .[] Karayiannis, Hepatitis D virus, Reviews in Medical Virology, 8, 1, (13-24), (1998).[] Abstract To study sexual transmission of hepatitis D virus (HDV), 52 spouses of 56 index patients were observed and HDV genomes from antibody to HDV (anti-HDV)-positive couples[]

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