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11 Possible Causes for Hepatosplenic Amyloidosis, Nephrolithiasis

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Kramer HJ, Choi HK, Atkinson K et al. (2003) The association between gout and nephrolithiasis in men: The Health Professionals‘ Follow-Up Study.[]

  • Ulcerative Colitis

    ), complicated urinary tract infection Left low back pain Spleen Kidney: kidney stone (nephrolithiasis), complicated urinary tract infection Low back pain kidney pain ( kidney[] […] quadrant Bowel: diverticulitis, sigmoid colon volvulus, bowel obstruction, gas accumulation, Toxic megacolon Right low back pain Liver: hepatomegaly Kidney: kidney stone (nephrolithiasis[] […] abdominal pain Diarrhea Colitis Crohn's Dysentery Hernia Right lower quadrant Colon: intussusception, bowel obstruction, appendicitis ( McBurney's point ) Renal: kidney stone (nephrolithiasis[]

  • Ankylosing Spondylitis

    Abnormality of the pleura 7.5% Anorexia 7.5% Arrhythmia 7.5% Autoimmunity 7.5% Cartilage destruction 7.5% Hematuria 7.5% Hemiplegia/hemiparesis 7.5% Hyperkeratosis 7.5% Nephrolithiasis[]

  • Multiple Myeloma

    Multiple Myeloma is a cancer of plasma cells associated with significantly reduced survival. Long term survivorship from myeloma is very rare and despite advances in its treatment the disease is generally considered incurable. We report a patient diagnosed with myeloma carrying a germline mutation of a tumour[…][]

  • Colonic Crohn Disease

    Abstract Immune mechanisms, possibly involving cell-surface molecules such as CD44, have been invoked to explain the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease. We used monoclonal antibodies against epitopes encoded within the variable region of CD44 to investigate CD44 isoform expression in colon, small intestine, and[…][]

  • Ascending Cholangitis

    Myotonic syndromes Narcolepsy Nasal papilloma Necrotizing enterocolitis Neonatal jaundice Neonatal respiratory distress syndrome Neoplastic meningitis Nephritic syndrome Nephrolithiasis[]

  • Cryoimmunoglobulinemic Syndrome

    AMYLOIDOSIS C0519021 HEPATOSPLENIC LYMPHOMA C0519022 HYPERTENSIVE RETINOPATHY ACUTE C0519025 HYPERTENSIVE RETINOPATHY CHRONIC C0519026 ILEOCECAL TUBERCULOSIS C0519027 INTRAPERITONEAL[] […] treatment of rejection in renal transplantation 595 XIII 606 Renal tubular and metabolic dysfunction following kidney homotransplantation 617 Infectious malignant surgical 630 Nephrolithiasis[] HEPATIC BRUCELLOSIS C0519013 HEPATIC CONGESTION WITH CENTRILOBULAR NECROSIS C0519014 HEPATIC NODULAR REGENERATIVE HYPERPLASIA DIFFUSE C0519016 HEPATITIS ACUTE VIRAL C0519020 HEPATOSPLENIC[]

  • Hepatosplenic Amyloidosis

    Abstract Abstract Renal and hepatosplenic amyloidosis was found in chronic cutaneous leishmaniasis in mice infected with 10 6 purified amastigotes from lesions produced by[] ASCARIASIS INTESTINAL C0348998 PHOBIC NEUROSIS C0349231 Skin Photosensitivity C0349506 GASTRIC LYMPHOMA C0349532 Stature Short C0349588 Antibody Gastric Parietal Cell C0369797 NEPHROLITHIASIS[] […] worsening of hepatosplenic function.[]

  • Hereditary Hyperphosphatasia

    T-Cell Lymphoma HPT070 Her2-Receptor Negative Breast Cancer HR2002 Her2-Receptor Positive Breast Cancer HR2001 Hereditary Amyloidosis HRD039 Hereditary Angioedema HRD002[] , Calcium Oxalate 2 Nephrolithiasis/Osteoporosis, Hypophosphatemic, 1 1 Nephrolithiasis/Osteoporosis, Hypophosphatemic, 2 2 Nephronophthisis 3 Nephronophthisis 11 3 Nephronophthisis[] COL11A2 Nance-Sweeney chondrodysplasia COL2A1 del, COL11A2 Navajo brainstem syndrome HOXA1 Neck cancer TP63 ( p63) Nemaline myopathy 4 (NEM4) TPM2 Nephroblastoma WT1 del Nephrolithiasis[]

  • AMACR Deficiency

    Plasmacytoma / plasma cell myeloma Anaemia Hepatosplenic T-cell lymphoma Plasmacytoma / plasma cell myeloma Systemic mastocytosis Anal canal cytokeratins in normal epithelia[] […] acidic protein Neoplastic perineural cells Epithelial membrane antigen Nephroblastoma Nephroblastoma Renal cell carcinoma marker Nephrogenic adenoma Nephrogenic adenoma Nephrolithiasis[] Carcinoid Carcinoid tumours of duodenum and ampulla of Vater Amylase Acinic cell tumour Epithelial tumours of salivary glands Amyloid Marginal zone B-cell lymphoma of the lung Amyloidosis[]

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