761 Possible Causes for Hereditary Fructose Intolerance

  • Hereditary Fructose Intolerance

    Hereditary fructose intolerance ( HFI ) is an inborn error of fructose metabolism caused by a deficiency of the enzyme aldolase B .[en.wikipedia.org] Definition (MSH) An autosomal recessive fructose metabolism disorder due to deficient fructose-1-phosphate aldolase (EC activity, resulting in accumulation of fructose[fpnotebook.com] [Metabolic disorders of the liver.Part 2: glycogen storage diseases, hereditary fructose intolerance, galactosemia and hepatic porphyrias].[dovemed.com]

  • Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage
  • Hypoalbuminemia
  • Fructose

    Fructose Intolerance) are two very distinct metabolic disorders, in which fructose is not well tolerated.[food-info.net] […] to exclude hereditary fructose intolerance before performing the fructose breath test.[foodintolerances.org] This is also known as hereditary fructose intolerance .[theceliacmd.com]

  • Disorder of Fructose Metabolism

    […] aldolase B deficiency (disorder), fructose; intolerance, fructosemia, intolerance; fructose, Fructose intolerance, NOS, Hereditary fructosuria (disorder) Italian Intolleranza[fpnotebook.com] intolerance hereditary fructose intolerance Aldolase B deficiency, fructosemia, fructose-1-phosphate aldolase deficiency Metabolic diseases An AR condition characterized by[medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com] Hereditary fructose intolerance.[evolvinghealthscience.blogspot.com]

  • Food Intolerance

    Hereditary fructose intolerance is usually diagnosed in childhood and is relatively rare, thank goodness.[takepart.com] The following are known and inherited: hereditary fructose intolerance and galactose intolerance (galactosaemia).[aha.ch] It’s a potentially life-threatening disorder in which a person lacks the enzyme needed to break down fructose.[takepart.com]

  • Lysine Intolerance

    […] lysine 相似短语 lysine intolerance 赖氨酸不耐症 milk intolerance 不耐乳症 fault-intolerance approach 不容错方法 hereditary disaccharide intolerance 遗传性双糖不耐受症 hereditary fructose intolerance[hujiang.com] […] lysine intolerance的中文翻译及音标 沪江词库精选lysine intolerance是什么意思、英语单词推荐、用法及解释 赖氨酸不耐症 英语解释 a disorder in which a lack of certain enzymes makes it impossible to digest the amino acid[hujiang.com] 遗传性果糖不耐症,遗传性果糖不能耐受症 hereditary lactose intolerance 遗传性乳糖不耐受症 intolerance of light 畏光 intolerance of cold due to yang insufficiency 阳虚恶寒 intolerance of shade 需光度 disaccharide[hujiang.com]

  • Fructose-1,6-Diphosphatase Deficiency

    Essential fructosuria, hereditary fructose intolerance, and fructose-1,6-diphosphatase deficiency 1983 [carbohydrate metabolism, genetic disorders, fructose-bisphosphate aldolase[agris.fao.org] Functional and molecular modelling studies of two hereditary fructose intolerance-causing mutations at arginine 303 in human liver aldolase.[emedicine.medscape.com] Synonyms Deficiency, fructose 1,6 diphosphatase Essential benign fructosuria Fructokinase deficiency Fructose 1,6 diphosphatase deficiency Fructose metabolism disorder Fructose[icd9data.com]

  • Stimmler Syndrome

    Hereditary fructose intolerance.[reference.medscape.com] Adult hereditary fructose intolerance.[reference.medscape.com] The diagnosis of hereditary fructose intolerance.[reference.medscape.com]

  • Hereditary Pyropoikilocytosis

    […] dysplasia n. polydysplasie ectodermique héréditaire [Med.] hereditary fructose intolerance n. idiosyncrasie au fructose [Med.] hereditary cerebral leukodystrophy n. leucodystrophie[dictionary.reverso.net] […] pyropoikilocytosis n. pyropoïkilocytose [Med.] hereditary adj. héréditaire hereditary feature n. caractère héréditaire [Med.] hereditary disease n. affection héréditaire [[dictionary.reverso.net] [Med.] hereditary spherocytosis n. maladie de Minkowski-Chauffard [Med.] thrombasthenia hereditary n. thrombasthénie héréditaire [Med.] chronic hereditary chorea n. chorée[dictionary.reverso.net]

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