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58 Possible Causes for Hernia, Malignant Neoplasm of the Small Intestine

  • Intestinal Obstruction

    An internal hernia is a rare cause of intestinal obstruction, which can occur at any age.[] Left paraduodenal hernia is a rare congenital anomaly which arises from an error of rotation of the midgut; sometimes can be responsible for intestinal occlusion, that require[] We present a case of congenital diaphragmatic hernia diagnosed in an adult.[]

  • Small Bowel Obstruction

    Internal hernia related to paracecal hernia is a rare disease and is difficult to confirm by preoperative diagnosis.[] An intramesosigmoid hernia is 1 of the 3 rare types of sigmoid-related hernias that could be complicated by intestinal obstruction.[] On exploration she was found to have an obstructed obturator hernia, which is a rare pelvic hernia with an incidence of 0.07-1.4% of all intra-abdominal hernias.[]

  • Iron Deficiency Anemia

    [ 23 - 26 ] 8%-42% Gastric bleeding from hernia is an established cause of IDA Even in absence of visible lesions, large hernia may be a possible cause of IDA with unexplained[] Answer : Iron-deficiency anemia is often caused by blood loss from the following: heavy menstrual periods, gastrointestinal bleeding, peptic ulcers, hiatal hernias or colon[] Slow, chronic blood loss within the body — such as from a peptic ulcer, a hiatal hernia, a colon polyp or colorectal cancer — can cause iron deficiency anemia.[]

  • Intussusception

    The diagnosis of paraduodenal hernia is still a challenge in clinical practice due to lacking of specific symptoms.[] Abstract Primary malignant tumors of the small intestine are very rare, accounting for 2%-3% of all gastrointestinal malignancies.[] A significant proportion of these lead points are malignant neoplasms, accounting for 66% of colonic intussusceptions and 30% of cases in the small intestine.[]

  • Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage

    […] patient underwent an abdominal computed tomography angiography examination, which showed that the intestine and its mesentery were tortuous, suggesting an intra-abdominal hernia[] Clinical Trials Hirschsprung Disease Indigestion (Dyspepsia) Definition & Facts Symptoms & Causes Diagnosis Treatment Eating, Diet, & Nutrition Clinical Trials Inguinal Hernia[] Causes include malrotation with volvulus, omphalomesenteric remnant with volvulus, internal hernia with strangulation, segmental small-bowel volvulus, and, rarely, sigmoid[]

  • Malignant Melanoma

    […] find finger first fixed flap fluid forceps fracture frequently head hemorrhage hernia hernial sac humerus hydrocele inches incision inflammation influence inguinal injury inner side[] […] conjunctiva consequence considerable cord cornea crural cure direction discharge disease dislocation divided dura mater edge effect external eyelids fascia femoral femoral hernia[]

  • Malignant Hepatic Neoplasm

    Web Support CLINICAL PROGRAMS Acute Care Surgery Bariatric Surgery Breast Care Surgery Cardiac Surgery Cardiothoracic Surgery Center for Surgery in Older Adults Center for Hernia[] […] sites of small intestine C17.9 Malignant neoplasm of small intestine, unspecified C18 Malignant neoplasm of colon C18.0 Malignant neoplasm of cecum C18.1 Malignant neoplasm[] malignant neoplasm of other respiratory organs C78.4 Secondary malignant neoplasm of small intestine C78.5 Secondary malignant neoplasm of large intestine and rectum C78.6[]

  • Ileus

    Laparotomy revealed chylous ascites with an incarcerated internal hernia of the small intestine, which was released without intestinal resection.[] Neoplasms cause obstruction of the small intestine as well as the colon. Malignant etiology should be one's first impression in a large-bowel obstruction.[] Hernias, volvulus, and intussusception carry a higher gangrene risk.[]

  • Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome

    She had intellectual disability, umbilical hernia, bilateral inguinal hernias, scoliosis, and distinct facial appearance including prominent mandible, smooth philtrum, and[] Liebig リービッヒ Liebig condenser リービッヒ冷却器 Lignac-Fanconi リニャック・ファンコニー Lignac-Fanconi syndrome リニャック・ファンコニー症候群 Little リトル リットル Little's disease リトル病 Littre リトル リトレ Littre's hernia[] Mondor's disease モンドール病 Monteggia モンテジア【整形】 モンテッジャ Monteggia's fracture モンテジア骨折 GiovanniBattista Monteggia (1762-1815) Italian physician and surgeon Morgagni モルガニー Morgagni hernia[]

  • Meckel Diverticulum

    Any hernia containing Meckel's diverticulum is classified as a Littre hernia.[] malignant neoplasm of Meckel's diverticulum Small intestine cancer, meckels diverticulum[] We report an unusual case of a patient with strangulated Meckel diverticulum in a femoral hernia.[]

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