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173 Possible Causes for Herpangina, Meningitis

  • Echovirus Infection

    Herpangina Herpangina is a well-characterized, vesicular, oral mucosal process involving the tonsillar fossa and soft palate.[] Twenty-four of the 40 infected patients were definitively diagnosed with aseptic meningitis.[] […] the viruses the diseases they caused were not known, hence the term “orphan,” but it is now known that they cause many different types of human disease, especially viral meningitis[]

  • Coxsackievirus Infection

    Two weeks before the outbreak of the lesions, the patient had suffered from a viral pharyngitis, subsequently diagnosed as herpangina, and had been taking an oral cephalosporin[] Severe manifestations like meningitis, encephalitis, hepatitis, and myocarditis have been previously reported.[] , Herpanginas, Enteroviral vesic pharyngitis, coxsackie group A virus herpangina, herpangina due to group A coxsackie virus (diagnosis), herpangina due to group A coxsackie[]

  • Coxsackie Meningitis

    […] was first isolated from patients with suspected poliomyelitis in 1947, there have been increasing reports of diseases, including aseptic meningitis, epidemic pleurodynia, herpangina[] […] viral meningitis[] The viruses are resistant to the acid normally found in the… Read More cause of herpangina In herpangina …which are in the subgroup Coxsackie A, seen most commonly in young[]

  • Enterovirus Infection

    , while children suffered from HFMD had decreased risks of asthma, with an adjusted hazard ratio of 0.76 (0.63-0.93, 95% CI).Children who previously suffered from herpangina[] A clinical diagnosis of sepsis was made in 42 (35%) infants and meningitis was diagnosed in 28 (24%) cases.[] Disease entities included 282 cases of aseptic meningitis (84.7%), 44 cases of encephalitis (13.2%), and 7 cases of encephalomyelitis/polio-like syndrome (2.1%).[]

  • Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

    Hand, foot and mouth disease/herpangina virus outbreak enables triggering a K. kingae infections outbreak.[] Aseptic meningitis is the most common neurologic complication of EV71-induced HFMD. Lumbar puncture is a crucial procedure in the diagnosis of aseptic meningitis.[] […] meningitis, encephalitis, acute flaccid paralysis, acute cardiopulmonary failure, respiratory infection, and myocardial injury have been reported in hand, foot and mouth disease/herpangina[]

  • Echovirus Meningitis

    Herpangina Herpangina is a well-characterized, vesicular, oral mucosal process involving the tonsillar fossa and soft palate.[] Echovirus meningitis is an infection of the meninges, caused by various serotypes of enteric cytopathic human orphan (ECHO) virus.[] Herpangina Herpangina is usually caused by coxsackievirus A and presents as acute-onset fever, sore throat, dysphagia, and grayish-white papulovesicular lesions on an erythematous[]

  • Meningitis

    […] management Meningitis may be accompanied by mucocutaneous manifestations of enterovirus infection, including localised vesicles such as in hand, foot, and mouth disease; herpangina[] Meningitis is an inflammation of the meninges.[] Bacterial meningitis is usually severe.[]

  • Lyme Meningoencephalitis

    Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome Specific symptoms in viral meningitis: Prodrome with flu-like symptoms: low-grade fever, malaise, myalgia, and upper respiratory symptoms Pharyngitis, herpangina[] Examining meningitis mainly from a bacterial perspective, but also including an overview of viral, fungal and chronic meningitis, this book describes the anatomy of the meninges[] What Causes Meningitis?[]

  • Viral Meningitis

    ENTERO VIRUS Most common 75% cases CSF RT PCR – diagnosis Summer months Rx is supportive Stigmata of enterovirus -herpangina,plurodynia,myopericarditis,hemorrhagic conjunctivitis[] Viral meningitis, also known as aseptic meningitis, is a type of meningitis due to a viral infection.[] Specific clinical features may identify particular enteroviruses: for example, herpangina is typically found with coxsackievirus A infection, whereas a scattered maculopapular[]

  • Meningism

    ., varicella rash, genital lesions in herpes, enterovirus rash), herpangina in coxsackie virus infection, parotid swelling in mumps, petechiae in meningococcemia, history[] Meningism is a set of symptoms similar to those of meningitis but not caused by meningitis.[] Thirty-one children (age range, 0.5 to 10 years) with acute bacterial meningitis constituted the meningitis group.[]

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