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58 Possible Causes for Hiccup, Lactulose

  • Hyponatremia

    Praveen Sharma, Barjesh Chander Sharma and Shiv Kumar Sarin, Predictors of nonresponse to lactulose in patients with cirrhosis and hepatic encephalopathy, European Journal[] […] also in other neuropsychiatric disorders (such as dementia and autism), symptomatic treatment of acute confusional symptoms and other conditions not psychiatric (nausea, hiccups[] Praveen Sharma, Barjesh Chander Sharma and Shiv Kumar Sarin, Predictors of nonresponse to lactulose for minimal hepatic encephalopathy in patients with cirrhosis, Liver International[]

  • Acute Kidney Failure

    Nutritional support with a low salt, protein-restricted diet, and most calories supplied by carbohydrates, blood product infusions (fresh frozen plasma and platelets), and lactulose[] Effects may include a metallic taste in the mouth, prolonged nausea and vomiting, incessant hiccuping, itching all over the body, fluid retention, unintended weight loss and[] […] or slow sluggish movements Flank pain (between the ribs and hips) Hand tremor Heart murmur High blood pressure Nausea or vomiting, may last for days Nosebleeds Persistent hiccups[]

  • Herpes Zoster

    Gastrointestinal complications of dermatomal herpes zoster successfully treated with famciclovir and lactulose. J Am Acad Dermatol. 1998 Feb. 38(2 Pt 1):279-80.[]

  • Constipation

    Polyethylene Glycol should be used in preference to Lactulose in the treatment of Chronic Constipation.[] If you are a parent, you probably watch your baby’s every laugh, hiccup, and cry for clues about their well-being.[] […] to lactulose with a stool frequency average of 6.[]

  • Peritonitis

    Lactulose is given to prevent the development of hepatic encephalopathy.[] In patients with subdiaphragmatic abscesses, irritation of contiguous structures may produce shoulder pain, chest pain, cough, shortness of breath, hiccup, and pulmonary findings[] );PEG Bowel Protocol (PEG/lactulose) Search NIH Clinical Center for Peritonitis Inferred drug relations via UMLS 74 / NDF-RT 52 : albumin human, usp albumin,aggregated albumin[]

  • Liver Disease

    Generic Name Select Brand Names lactulose CHOLAC[] Secondary prophylaxis: None; once precipitating factors are eliminated, lactulose can be discontinued; in patients with chronic encephalopathy, chronic treatment with lactulose[] Treatment may include For low blood pressure: Fluids given intravenously and drugs to increase low blood pressure For hepatic encephalopathy: Possibly treatments, such as lactulose[]

  • Acute Gastroenteritis

    (Image: Lilyana Vynogradova/iStock/Getty Images) Acute gastritis is marked by the sudden onset of stomach pain, nausea, indigestion, heartburn, hiccups, decreased or absent[]

  • Perforated Viscus

    Carbohydrate derivatives, such as sugar derivatives (trehalose, glucose, maltose, lactose, maltulose, iso-maltulose, lactulose, fluctose, turanose, melitose, melezitose, dextran[]

  • Abdominal Bloating

    We aimed to evaluate the positivity to lactulose breath test (LBT) in patients with bloating, and to assess the clinical characteristics according to the positivity or subtypes[] Slow down One small cause of bloating could be that you're swallowing too much air when you're scarfing down your meals; this is why some of us get the hiccups when eating[] METHODS: Lactulose breath tests were carried out on IBS patients in our institution between July 2009 and August 2010.[]

  • Ileus

    Bowel movements may be stimulated by prescribing lactulose, erythromycin or, in severe cases that are thought to have a neurological component (such as Ogilvie's syndrome)[] […] drugs Certain health conditions or diseases, such as: Lower lobe pneumonia, Heart attack Symptoms Symptoms of ileus may include: Abdominal swelling Pain Vomiting Cramps Hiccups[] […] bulk-forming laxatives: Docusate Sennocot Soluble fibre Tier two therapies and investigations: Assuming bowel obstruction and megacolon are ruled out Osmotic laxatives: Lactulose[]

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