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674 Possible Causes for Hiccup, Ulcer

  • Pneumonia

    Offers new coverage of the treatment options for ruptured or complicated appendicitis · hepato-splenic "cat scratch" fever · periodic fever with ulcer · pharyngitis ·[] Home remedies What causes mouth ulcers and how to treat them with stuff you have at home 'People just see my scars' Woman, 22, with horrific keloid scarring all over her body[]

  • Gastritis

    Acid suppression is not recommended for patients simply taking NSAIDs unless they have previously had an ulcer.[] The most common symptoms include: Nausea Abdominal bloating Vomiting Indigestion Hiccups Loss of appetite Vomiting blood or coffee ground-like material Black, tarry stool[] Acute gastritis may also be accompanied by hiccups. Q. Are there tests that can diagnose gastritis? A. Tests vary depending on the specific cause.[]

  • Acute Gastritis

    The results suggest that gastrin cells process gastrin-17 abnormally during the acute phase of duodenal ulcer and gastritis.[] Acute gastritis is marked by the sudden onset of stomach pain, nausea, indigestion, heartburn, hiccups, decreased or absent appetite, passing dark stool and possibly vomiting[] […] signs and symptoms of Acute Gastritis include: Dark stools (melena) Abdominal pain Feeling of distention, abdominal bloating Burning feeling in the stomach in between meals Hiccups[]

  • Perforated Peptic Ulcer

    Perforated peptic ulcer is a complication of peptic ulcer disease.[] […] acid reflux are: heartburn – a burning sensation in the middle of your chest an unpleasant sour taste in your mouth, caused by stomach acid You may also have: a cough or hiccups[] In 3 of the 32 patients, the diagnosis of perforated ulcer was established only at autopsy.[]

  • Alcoholic Gastritis

    Stomach Ulcer Basics Stomach ulcers are also known as gastric or peptic ulcers; they differ in location (but not in basic characteristics) from duodenal ulcers, which form[] The eMedicineHealth doctors ask about Hiccups: Hiccups – Home Remedies. Alcoholic Gastritis Healing Time Stools remedies for Acid Reflux Acid Reflux Symptoms.[] The most common symptoms include: Nausea Abdominal bloating Vomiting Indigestion Hiccups Loss of appetite Vomiting blood or coffee ground-like material Black, tarry stool[]

  • Peptic Esophagitis

    Home Esophagitis, Esophageal Ulcers - Peptic Esophagitis Image ID: 47442 , Reg ID: 00868 Please describe![] An 80 year-old male, presents with 3 months of having hiccups. Patient has been drinking alcoholic beverages during several years. Video Endoscopic Sequence 2 of 4.[] Thus, duodenal ulcer was present in 5.6% of endoscopies, gastric ulcer in 3% and combined gastric and duodenal ulcers in 0.2%.Erosive duodenitis was present in 9.6% and gastric[]

  • Esophageal Ulcer

    Based on the number of ulcers treated, 3.8% cases ended fatally.[] As the name indicates, esophageal ulcer is the formation of an ulcer or open sore inside esophagus.[] Repeated endoscopic examinations revealed a progressively enlarging giant esophageal ulcer.[]

  • Mallory-Weiss Syndrome

    CONCLUSION: The incidence of bleeding Mallory-Weiss syndrome and peptic ulcer bleeding has not changed over a five-year observational period.[] The lesion, documented by endoscopy, appeared to follow hiccups. The bleeding responded to conservative medical management and resolved without surgical intervention.[] Mallory–Weiss syndrome refers to the development of mucosal tears at the gastroesophageal junction, commonly due to chronic vomiting, retching, and hiccuping.[]

  • Gastropathy

    Their father and one paternal uncle also had pachydermoperiostosis and a past history of ulcer dyspepsia.[] The essential attention is dedicated to the combination of COPD and erosive/ulcer defects with the haemorrhage risk factor.[] Many people believe that hyperchlorhydria can cause stomach ulcers.[]

  • Connective Tissue Disease

    Symptoms for systemic lupus erythematosus include mouth ulcers, anemia, hair loss, accumulation of fluid around the heart, poor concentration, memory problems, kidney disorders[] In neonatal form, severe hiccups, hypotonia, seizures, myoclonus, apnea, death In infantile and episodic forms, seizures, intellectual disability, episodic delirium, chorea[] -q13.11)* Biochemical profile: Amino acid profile normal in unhydrolyzed urine, but excessive proline and hydroxyproline in acid-hydrolyzed urine Clinical features: Skin ulcers[]

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