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1,167 Possible Causes for High Myopia

  • Myopic Macular Degeneration

    Very nearsighted people are said to have “high myopia.”[] Methods: Prospective, clinic-based case series of 62 eyes of 41 patients with high myopia ( -6 diopters or axial length 26.5 mm).[] Results of high-density silicone oil as a tamponade agent in macular hole retinal detachment in patients with high myopia. Br J Ophthalmol. 2007;91(6):719-721.[]

  • High Myopia-Sensorineural Deafness Syndrome

    Affected individuals also have severe nearsightedness (high myopia ).[] Title Other Names: High myopia-sensorineural deafness syndrome Categories: Deafness and myopia syndrome is rare condition that affects both hearing and vision.[] […] recessive disorder characterized by prelingual sensorineural hearing loss associated with high myopia.[]

  • Retinal Detachment

    myopia.[] […] the progressive stages of MTM from macular retinoschisis to serous retinal detachment in high myopia.[] Younger age, high myopia, and male sex continue to be associated with higher risk of pseudophakic retinal detachment.[]

  • Esotropia

    RECENT FINDINGS: Numerous studies have looked to determine the cause of esotropia in patients with high myopia.[] We encountered a case of progressive esotropia caused by high myopia in which ocular dislocation could be temporarily reversed.[] Abstract Acquired esotropia with high myopia may be associated with superotemporal eyeball prolapse from the muscle cone and the subsequent shift of extraocular muscles limits[]

  • Stickler Syndrome

    In the third family, all patients had a marfanoid habitus, high myopia, and mental retardation.[] High myopia was the most frequent initial ocular phenotype of Stickler syndrome. In this study, 12 Chinese probands lacked obvious systemic phenotypes.[] BACKGROUND: The most frequent diagnosis in patients with syndromic Pierre Robin sequence is Stickler syndrome, which may be complicated by congenital high myopia and substantial[]

  • Keratoglobus

    Keratoglobus is a rare condition of bilateral corneal ectasia, which results in high myopia, irregular astigmatism, scarring, and rarely spontaneous globe rupture.[] We reported two patients with high myopia and one patient with keratoglobus in our cohort.[] Retinal evaluation of LE revealed retinal detachment (RD) with posterior staphyloma due to high myopia, hereas RE was within normal limits.[]

  • Myopia

    PURPOSE: High myopia and pathologic myopia are common causes of visual morbidity.[] There was no significant difference in mean safety index between high myopia group (1.01   0.14) and mild myopia group (1.08 0.15) (P 0.05).[] Because more people, including children, are developing high myopia, various methods of attempting to slow its progression have been attempted.[]

  • Malignant Myopia

    When the eye increases too much in length, many things may happen that we must be aware of What is myopia Pathological myopia or high myopia?[] –Degenerative myopia, bilateral Title Progressive High (degenerative) Myopia Category Disorders Of The Globe Description High myopia is defined as myopia greater than 6 diopters[] Stanford High Myopia Expertise Our eye doctors are leaders in the care of high myopia.[]

  • Scleral Staphyloma

    短句来源 Posterior Scleral Staphyloma (PSS) Lesion in High Myopia 高度近视的后 巩膜葡萄肿 损害的病理探讨(附116例分析) 短句来源 Results There was high myopia posterior scleral staphyloma in 107 of 150 eyes[] The SFCT of high myopia without posterior scleral staphyloma(55 eyes) was 157.79   85.18 μm, which was significantly greater than that (54.94   49.96 μm) of high myopia with[] Posterior staphylomas are usually congenital or occur with high myopia (nearsightedness). They can affect visual function, sometimes causing distortion.[]

  • Foveal Retinoschisis

    Optical coherence tomography findings in high myopia.[] Keywords Foveal detachment High myopia Foveoschisis Optical coherence tomography Posterior vitreous detachment Background Myopic foveoschisis is a complication of high myopia[] Baba, T, Ohno-Matsui, K, Futagami, S, et al. 2003 Prevalence and characteristics of foveal retinal detachment without macular hole in high myopia Am J Ophthalmol 135 338 342[]

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