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152 Possible Causes for High Pain Threshold

  • Acute Alcohol Intoxication

    The signs and symptoms of acute alcohol intoxication resemble those of vertebrobasilar stroke. Due to their shared symptoms including double vision, nystagmus, dysarthria, and ataxia, the differential diagnosis of alcohol intoxication and vertebrobasilar stroke may pose a challenge. Moreover, if alcohol intoxication[…][]

  • Peripheral Neuropathy

    Education Peripheral neuropathy Peripheral neuropathy Clinical Review Regular review BMJ 2002 ; 324 doi: (Published 23 February 2002) Cite this as: BMJ 2002;324:466 Richard A C Hughes (, professor of neurology Department of Neuroimmunology, Guy's Campus, Guy's, King's, and St Thomas's[…][]

  • Overdose

    Background: Naloxone is effective for reversing opioid overdose, but optimal strategies for out-of-hospital use are uncertain. Purpose: To synthesize evidence on 1) the effects of naloxone route of administration and dosing for suspected opioid overdose in out-of-hospital settings on mortality, reversal of[…][]

  • Syringomyelia

    Accession number; 06A0443986 Title; A large bladder stone caused by syringomyelia Author; NISHIDA TAKAYASU(Kokuho Naruto Hospital, JPN) YAMAKAWA KATSUNORI(St. Marianna Univ. School of Medicine, JPN) TAKAHASHI GO(St. Marianna Univ. School of Medicine, JPN) Journal Title; Japanese Journal of Clinical Urology Journal[…][]

  • Alcohol Hallucinosis

    INTRODUCTION: Previous studies showed that patients with acute alcohol hallucinosis had significantly lower levels of the inhibitory amino acid neurotransmitter, glycine. METHODS: A placebo-controlled, double-blind study of glycine in 40 patients with acute alcohol hallucinosis. Treatment duration was 7 days with no other[…][]

  • Congenital Pain Insensitivity

    These high threshold stimuli are detected by specialised peripheral sensory neurons known as nociceptors which are abundant in the Peripheral Pain Pathway.[] ., 2007). 2.2 Physiological Mechanisms The perception of pain is usually evoked at pressures and temperatures extreme enough to cause potential tissue damage and also by toxic[]

  • Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

    We propose in this study to examine whether sensory testing to determine mechanical pain threshold [MPT] or heat pain threshold [HPT] will predict the subject's response to[] This combination of decreased pain threshold, abnormally high foot pressures, and repetitive stress (such as from walking) can lead to calluses and ulcerations in the high-pressure[] We hypothesize that people with painful DPN who have high MPT or HPT are more likely to respond to lidocaine treatment.[]

  • Drug-induced Delirium

    Drugs Aging. 2011 Sep 1;28(9):737-48. doi: 10.2165/11592240-000000000-00000. Author information 1 Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA 02215, USA. Abstract Delirium, an acute confusional state with changes in attention and cognition, is a common cause of[…][]

  • Phencyclidine Intoxication

    Abstract The history, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of phencyclidine hydrochloride (PCP) intoxication and the pharmacology of PCP are reviewed. Intoxication with low to moderate doses of PCP (5-20 mg) resembles an acute, confusional state generally lasting four to six hours. High doses (greater than 20 mg)[…][]

  • Smith-Magenis Syndrome

    - A dictionary of medical eponyms Related people A rare condition characterized by facial dysmorphy with distinctive facial features progress with age, developmental delay, cognitive impairment with moderate to severe learning difficulties, and behavioural abnormalities including frequent outbursts/temper tantrums,[…][]

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