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427 Possible Causes for High Pitched Voice

  • Patulous Eustachian Tube

    […] food and is quite loud. • Amplified voices/noises (mostly high pitch ones) as well as altered hearing. • Slight tinnitus ringing • One common symptom is being able to hear[] Symptoms: • Ear echo when I hear higher pitch noises, music or voices. • Head/ear pressure. • Muffled, "underwater" hearing from the afflicted ear. • I can hear myself swallow[]

  • Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 20

    […] sounds 0001618 High pitched voice 0001620 Limb ataxia 0002070 Nystagmus Involuntary, rapid, rhythmic eye movements 0000639 Palatal myoclonus 0010530 Postural tremor 0002174[] […] who have these symptoms is not available through HPO Adult onset Symptoms begin in adulthood 0003581 Autosomal dominant inheritance 0000006 Dysphonia Inability to produce voice[]

  • Mulibrey Nanism Syndrome

    161 cm for males and from 126 to 151 cm for females Delayed puberty Hands and feet appear relatively large in relation to body Intrauterine growth deficiency Performance High-pitched[] The patient had short stature and high-pitched voice with the same characteristic craniofacial features as his sibling. Psychomotor development was normal.[] pitched voice * Hypodontia of second bicuspid * Growth retardation Causes - Mulibrey Nanism syndrome Not supplied.[]

  • Dubowitz Syndrome

    Speech delays, an unusually soft, high-pitched voice, submucous cleft palate, and velopharyngeal insufficiency were noted in childhood.[] Other notable features are a high-pitched voice, gastrointestinal irritation (presenting as diarrhea), the presence of eczema, genital disorders (cryptorchidism, hypospadias[] Symptoms vary among patients, but other characteristics include a soft, high-pitched voice, partial webbing of the fingers and toes, palate deformations, genital abnormalities[]

  • Bloom Syndrome

    People with Bloom syndrome are much smaller than average, and often have a high-pitched voice and characteristic facial features including a long, narrow face; small lower[] People with Bloom syndrome have a high pitched voice and unique facial features, including a long narrow face, a small jaw, and large ears and nose.[] pitched voice The life expectancy is 1 to 48 years with a mean of 23 years of age. the average height for an adult male is 4'9" and the average height for an adult female[]

  • Microcephalic Osteodysplastic Primordial Dwarfism Types 1 and 3

    […] palate ; High pitched voice ; Hip contracture ; Hypermetropia ; Hypoplasia of the capital femoral epiphysis ; Hypoplastic ischia ; Hypoplastic pubic bone ; Hypospadias ;[] […] narrow pelvis, unusually short arms and legs, coxa vara, a high-pitched voice, and an outgoing personality. 2 Complementary tests performed when he was 4 included a simple[] Other signs and symptoms of MOPD2 may include hip dysplasia; thinning of the bones in the arms and legs; scoliosis; shortened wrist bones; a high-pitched voice; distinctive[]

  • Mandibular Hypoplasia - Deafness - Progeroid Syndrome

    He had a high-pitched voice.[] A small larynx (due to the reduced growth of cartilage) can mean the voice is likely to remain high pitched (even in boys after puberty).[]

  • Eunuchism

    , which retained a childlike and other-worldly flexibility and treble pitch (a high-pitched voice).[] […] impotent males, which is a fallacy. [225] Castrato singers [ edit ] Eunuchs castrated before puberty were also valued and trained in several cultures for their exceptional voices[]

  • Craniofacial Dysplasia-Osteopenia Syndrome

    […] proteins, markedly premature aging, prominent scalp veins, typical craniofacial change, alopecia, high pitched voice, severe premature CAD (die age 12) inheritance, mutation[] pitched voice, sclerodermoid, cataracts, DM, premature atheroscleorsis, increased cancer, die in 50s;;; Progeria (hutchinson-gilford) AD, lamin A LMNA encodes nuclear envelope[] […] encodes RecQ DNA helicase and normally prevents genetic instability with age, normal growth until puberty then short, central adiposity, gray hair, beaked nose, micrognathia, high[]

  • Ovulation

    Higher voice pitch in women indicates the presence of feminizing hormones, and it also correlates with being younger.[] This change is part of a suite of behaviors women engage in during high fertility, research is now finding.[] Both qualities tend to correlate with high fertility, so men have evolved to be attracted to these cues. Authors of the study include Gregory A.[]

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