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37 Possible Causes for High Sloping Forehead

  • Dubowitz Syndrome

    sloping forehead, ptosis, short palpebral fissures, broad and flat nasal bridge; 3) microcephaly; 4) mild mental retardation; and 5) in at least 50% of the cases, eczema.[] Other facial characteristics can include a shallow supraorbital ridge , asymmetry, micrognathia , dysmorphic features, and a high, sloping forehead.[] […] developmental disorder involving multiple congenital anomalies including: 1) growth failure/short stature; 2) unusual but characteristic facial features; small triangular face, high[]

  • Lethal Neonatal Carnitine Palmitoyl Transferase II Deficiency

    Associated dysmorphic features were noted, including microcephaly, a high sloping forehead, overfolded helices, long and tapered fingers and toes, contractures, and hypoplastic[] Clinical Synopsis: INHERITANCE: Autosomal recessive HEAD AND NECK: [Head]; Microcephaly; [Face]; High, sloping forehead; Prominent forehead; [Eyes]; Cararacts; [Ears]; Overfolded[] […] helices; Low-set ears; Posteriorly-rotated ears; [Nose]; Bulbous nose; [Mouth]; High-arched palate; Narrow palate CARDIOVASCULAR: [Heart]; Cardiomegaly; Dilated cardiomyopathy[]

  • Early Infantile Epileptic Encephalopathy

    The 3 boys had mild facial dysmorphic features, including high-arched palate, depressed nasal bridge, high sloping forehead, and anteverted nares.[]

  • Acrocephaly

    A short antero-posterior diameter with a high sloping forehead is rather typical of Oxycephaly.[] The skull is foreshortened and the vault is high more pointed and dome shaped.[]

  • Neurogenic Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita

    forehead Cutis laxa Poor head control Easy fatigability Quadricuspid aortic valve Difficulty climbing stairs Disproportionate tall stature Follicular hyperkeratosis Bladder[] […] diverticulum Cleft soft palate Keloids Arterial rupture High-frequency sensorineural hearing impairment Aortic rupture Abnormal globe morphology Jaundice Abdominal distention[] Intellectual disability Poor suck Epicanthus Cardiomyopathy Patent ductus arteriosus Elevated serum creatine phosphokinase Osteopenia Pes planus Waddling gait Hypotelorism Sloping[]

  • Fitzsimmons-McLachlan-Gilbert Syndrome

    forehead 60 33 frequent (33%) Frequent (79-30%) HP:0000348 14 sloping forehead 60 33 frequent (33%) Frequent (79-30%) HP:0000340 15 brisk reflexes 60 33 frequent (33%) Frequent[] Frequent (79-30%) HP:0001166 11 brachydactyly 60 33 frequent (33%) Frequent (79-30%) HP:0001156 12 sparse scalp hair 60 33 frequent (33%) Frequent (79-30%) HP:0002209 13 high[]

  • Bloom Syndrome

    People have a narrow or triangle-shaped face with a high or sloping forehead.[] These facial features include a narrow or triangle- shaped face, a high or sloping forehead, undeveloped bones around the eyes (hypoplastic supraorbital ridges), droopy eyes[]

  • Craniosynostosis

    A short antero-posterior diameter with a high sloping forehead is rather typical of Oxycephaly.[] The skull is foreshortened and the vault is high more pointed and dome shaped.[]

  • Micrognathism

    Facial appearance is characteristic with narrow or triangular shaped head and high or sloping forehead, flat supraorbital ridge, scanty lateral eyebrows, short palpebral fissures[] , sloping forehead; [Ears]; Prominent ears; Dysplastic ears; Otitis media; Low-set ears; [Eyes]; Short palpebral fissures; Telecanthus; Ptosis; Blepharophimosis; Epicanthal[] Head]; Average birth head circumference 30.6cm; Microcephaly; [Face]; Elongation of face with age; Small face ; Shallow supraorbital ridge; Facial asymmetry; Micrognathia ; High[]

  • Goldberg-Shprintzen Syndrome

    Disease definition A rare multiple congenital anomalies/dysmorphic syndrome characterized by Hirschsprung disease, facial dysmorphism (sloping forehead, high arched eyebrows[]

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