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445 Possible Causes for Hip Held in Flexion and External Rotation, Joint Range of Motion Limitation, Limited Hip Abduction

  • Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis

    Characterized by limited internal rotation and abduction of the hip.[] .  The hip held in flexion, abduction, and external rotation.  There is substantial reduction in the arc of motion of the hip in all planes, and motion is usually painful[] On physical exam, there is a limited range of motion of the hip. The abnormal hip joint causes patients to walk with foot and hip facing outward.[]

  • Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease

    abduction of hip & limited internal rotation in both flexion & extension are seen; - antalgic gait (due to pain); - late phase: Trendelenburg gait; - Radiographic Evaluation[] Swimming is highly recommended, as it allows exercise of the hip muscles with full range of motion while reducing the stress to a minimum.[] The tenotomy group (Group II) consisted of 31 hips (treated conservatively but developed an adduction contracture limited to 30 ), which had been treated by adductor longus[]

  • Malum Coxae Senilis

    Often there is also discomfort and limited abduction in Flexion, Abduction and External Rotation (the FABER test).[] Sometimes there is a positive Drehmann's sign [4] - the hip runs into abduction and external rotation on flexion.[] Examination: Typically there is pain with Flexion, Adduction & Internal Rotation (the FADDIR test or anterior impingement test) of the hip.[]

    Missing: Hip Held in Flexion and External Rotation
  • Hip Fracture

    The physical examination commonly reveals an abducted and externally rotated hip with leg-length discrepancy.[] […] fracture: The proximal femur usually is held in flexion and external rotation See Clinical Presentation for more detail.[] The patient usually has localized tenderness over the hip and limited range of motion of the affected limb during attempts at passive and active rotation and flexion.[]

    Missing: Joint Range of Motion Limitation
  • Mucopolysaccharidosis

    Some symptoms (hernia, macrocephaly, respiratory infections, and limited hip abduction) become apparent early in infancy but the complete clinical picture develops during[]

    Missing: Hip Held in Flexion and External Rotation
  • Hip Arthritis

    Osteoarthritis causes joint pain and can limit a person's normal range of motion (the ability to freely move and bend a joint).[] Flexion, extension, rotation, and side to side; the hip usually has a very wide range of motion as a ball-and-socket joint.[] Lifestyle can be greatly affected by hip arthritis symptoms such as limited range of motion, swelling, and pain in the hip, groin, leg and back.[]

    Missing: Hip Held in Flexion and External Rotation
  • Congenital Hip Dysplasia

    Limited hip abduction, especially if assymmetric (more difficult to detect if DDH is bilateral). Apparent limb shortening.[] The first signs of hip dysplasia are clicking or popping of the hip joint, followed by sway back and/or limitation in range of motion of the joint.[] The abduction of the right hip is very limited as compare with the left hip. Clinical examination. The flexion, extension and abduction is limited.[]

    Missing: Hip Held in Flexion and External Rotation
  • Hip Sprain

    Patients may be asked to perform certain movements to determine range of motion limitations, stability of the joint, muscle strength, and to identify what increases or decreases[] By assessing your hip range of motion, strength and joint mobility, we determine where your limitations are and formulate a treatment plan that will take care of the root[] By improving your joint mobility, strength and range of motion, we help you restore normal pain free walking and activities.[]

    Missing: Hip Held in Flexion and External Rotation
  • Hip Contracture

    Shen YS (1975) Abduction contracture of the hip in children. J Bone Joint Surg (Br) 57(4):463-465 Google Scholar 16.[] Flexion Contracture Hip held in flexion Knee in flexion Hyperlordosis at the lumbar spine Pelvic Obliquity (tilting of the pelvis) Functional Scoliosis External Rotation[] Encyclopedia) Joint x-ray (Medical Encyclopedia) Limited range of motion (Medical Encyclopedia) Steroid injections - tendon, bursa, joint (Medical Encyclopedia) [ Read More[]

  • Arthritis

    They will perform a physical exam to check for fluid around the joints, warm or red joints, and limited range of motion in the joints.[] The physical exam may show: Fluid around a joint Warm, red, tender joints Difficulty moving a joint (called "limited range of motion") Some types of arthritis may cause joint[]

    Missing: Hip Held in Flexion and External Rotation Limited Hip Abduction