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63 Possible Causes for Hip Pain, Jaw Mass, Periostitis

  • Fracture

    At 29 weeks of gestation, the patient complained of sudden pain on walking in both hips.[] We report a follow up of 1 year after the reconstruction that allowed a good bone healing and a remodeling with also further ossification of the periosteal sheath of the fibula[] The long bone, like almost all bones, is overall covered by the periost .[]

  • Osteomyelitis

    A 70-year-old male presented to our emergency room with fever, right hip pain, and purulent drainage from a right greater trochanter stage IV decubitus ulcer.[] […] without mention of osteomyelitis 730.30 Periostitis, without mention of osteomyelitis, site unspecified convert 730.30 to ICD-10-CM 730.31 Periostitis, without mention of[] The bone changes are often adjacent to apices of teeth and are restricted to alveolar process in either or both jaws Chronic sclerosing osteomyelitis / diffuse sclerosing[]

  • Paget Disease of the Bone

    (d) Axial plane computed tomography image at the level of L1 showing periosteal and endosteal apposition Click here to view Figure 2: Magnetic resonance imaging images.[] Therefore, it is not unexpected that hip pain is one of the major presenting complaints.[] Paget's pseudosarcoma typically presents as a slow-growing, localized, periosteal mass on pagetic bone.[]

  • Osteoma

    […] craniotomy, in toto resection of the frontoethmoidal bony tumor and the intradural mucocele was performed, while thereafter the frontal sinus was cranialized using a pedunculated periosteal[] Radiograph of the hip in an 8-year-old child who presented with left hip pain and restriction of movement.[] The peripheral osteoma of the jaw is uncommon.[]

  • Malignant Bone Neoplasm

    Chondroblastoma Rare, normally in epiphysis of long bones - eg, the hip, shoulder and knee.[] LACK OF PERIOSTEAL REACTION[] Clinical features: Classic presentation of conventional osteosarcoma typically is progressively enlarging, painfull mass.[]

  • Acromegaly

    […] arthropathy (ankles, knees, hips, spine ) Cardiovascular disease : hypertension ( 30% of cases ), left ventricular hypertrophy, cardiomyopathy Organ enlargement : especially[] Bone changes Craniofacial In response to both GH and IGF-I, periosteal new bone formation leads to an increase in skeletal growth, especially at the level of the mandible[] Paul Benedict, the actor who played the eccentric English neighbor Harry Bentley on the sitcom "The Jeffersons," was found dead Monday at his home on Martha's Vineyard, Mass[]

  • Familial Hypophosphatemia

    He suffered from severe pain in his left hip after he fell down slightly at home 2 years earlier.[] Follow up radiographs showed periosteal new bone formation and healing rickets.[] More severe cases can present with neurological complaints (altered speech, confusion, seizures, hearing impairment), bone pain, poor teeth status, and fatigue.[]

  • Necrosis of the Jaw

    If the hip is affected, groin pain is common, especially when walking.[] When visible, features are non-specific and include 1,7 : poorly defined lucent, mixed or sclerotic lesion sequestrum periosteal proliferation destruction of adjacent structures[] Approximately 125 cases of osteonecrosis of the jaw have been linked with the use of some type of bisphosphonate drug.[]

  • Osteitis Fibrosa Cystica

    A 55-year old female was admitted to the hospital with several months of right hip pain that was becoming more severe.[] MRI of the right lower leg showed a 6.6 4 3.3 cm multi-lobulated cystic mass with adjacent periosteal elevation occupying almost the whole part of the distal Right tibial[] If a mass is palpated, parathyroid carcinoma should be suspected. Signs of hypercalcemia Causes The etiology is unknown in most cases.[]

  • Osteoporosis

    The pain resolved completely; 6 months later the patient presented with a similar episode of pain in the contralateral hip. This also resolved spontaneously.[] In long bones, although the cortices may be thin, the periosteal surface remains smooth.[] Osteonecrosis of the jaw is a rare condition that has occurred in some people who take bisphosphonates.[]

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