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1,035 Possible Causes for Hip Pain, Scoliosis

  • Osteoporosis

    (H673fs)) in a 15-year-old patient whose SATB2-associated syndrome phenotype is accompanied by osteoporosis, fractures, progressive tibial bowing, and scoliosis.[] We present a patient with multiple vertebral fractures in the context of severe osteoporosis, who, in the course of investigation for intractable spine and hip pain, was found[] His scoliosis remains stable, but a minor progression of kyphosis has been noted in the last year.[]

  • Leg Length Inequality

    Our most noteworthy finding was that patients with LLI greater than 6 mm often (53% of the cases) had scoliosis and/or abnormal lordotic curves.[] The arbitrarily defined desired outcomes were a walking capacity 60 minutes, no hip pain, no limping, and excellent patient satisfaction.[] The sacral tilt correlated well with the lumbar scoliosis when the tilt was more than 3 degrees but poorly when it was smaller.[]

  • Osteitis Deformans

    PA and lateral spine view elucidated involvement of lumbar vertebra (radiolucent lesion) at L1, L2 with scoliosis at same region.[] Therefore, it is not unexpected that hip pain is one of the major presenting complaints.[] As axial bones are more frequently affected, patients usually describe lower back, cervical or hip pain.[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis 4A

    MPS-IVA commonly manifests in form of kyphosis or gibbus, scoliosis, pectus carinatum, genu valgum, gait disturbances and frequent falls, but the clinical presentation varies[] Skeletal deformities (platyspondyly, kyphosis, scoliosis, pectus carinatum , genu valgum , long bone deformities) become more pronounced as the child grows.[] Hip dysplasia. Surgery can manage pain and alignment and permit optimal mobility.[]

  • Mucopolysaccharidosis

    PATIENT CONCERNS: The patient was a 17-year-old girl with growth retardation, hearing loss, and severe skeletal dysplasia(scoliosis and chicken breast), and was evaluated[] Clinical burden of hip disease was evaluated by physical examination, six minute walking test (6MWT) and a questionnaire assessing pain, wheelchair-dependency and walking[] Affected individuals usually present with unusual skeletal features including short trunk dwarfism, odontoid hypoplasia, pectus carinatum, kyphosis, gibbus, scoliosis, genu[]

  • Fracture

    Pain Core Stability Deficiency DOMS - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness Fibromyalgia Side Strain Bone-related Injuries Back Stress Fracture Osteoporosis Scheuermann's Disease Scoliosis[] At 29 weeks of gestation, the patient complained of sudden pain on walking in both hips.[] A 9-year-old girl presented to the emergency room complaining of right hip pain that occurred after a pedestrian car accident.[]

  • Familial Hypophosphatemia

    […] and weakness, which may result in fractures, weak joints In adults, the signs and symptoms include: Short stature Spinal stenosis, abnormal curvature of the spine (termed scoliosis[] He suffered from severe pain in his left hip after he fell down slightly at home 2 years earlier.[] More severe cases can present with neurological complaints (altered speech, confusion, seizures, hearing impairment), bone pain, poor teeth status, and fatigue.[]

  • Osteopenia and Osteoporosis

    , Multiple Sclerosis , Multiple myeloma, Osteo-genesis imperfect, Organ transplants, Peridontal disease (Peridontitis) , Post Polio , Sickle Cell anemia, Skin disorders, Scoliosis[] Hip fractures, in particular, cause much pain and suffering and often spell the end of independence and the beginning of a downward spiral in health.[] For some people, the first sign they have of the disease is a broken bone, usually in the spine or hip.[]

  • Scoliosis

    In late-onset infantile scoliosis, 90% females are affected. In idiopathic scoliosis, females are at a greater risk. The pathophysiology of scoliosis is still unclear.[] While at soccer practice, Anna continued to just work on ball handling skills, which did not aggravate her hip pain. After 2 weeks, Anna's hip was pain free.[] February 17, 2012 By Leave a Comment What is Scoliosis? Scoliosis is a medical condition where an individual’s spine is abnormally curved.[]

  • Tuberculosis

    About the sixtieth, the hemorrhages ceased, but violent pain of the hip-joint, and increase of fever.[] Examples of tuberculosis complications include: Spinal pain. Back pain and stiffness are common complications of tuberculosis. Joint damage.[] […] or stiffness Lower-extremity paralysis, in as many as half of patients with undiagnosed Pott disease Tuberculous arthritis, usually involving only 1 joint (most often the hip[]

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