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263 Possible Causes for Hirsutism, Turner Syndrome, Widely Spaced Nipples

  • Turner Syndrome

    […] intermamillary distance Wide-spaced nipples Widely spaced nipples Widely-spaced nipples [ more ] 0006610 30%-79% of people have these symptoms Anxiety Excessive, persistent[] This is the test of choice to diagnose Turner syndrome. As a chromosomal condition, there is no cure for Turner syndrome.[] Other characteristics, like widely spaced nipples or low-set ears, also may lead to a suspicion of Turner syndrome.[]

  • Primary Amenorrhea

    Short stature, absent secondary sexual characteristics, neck webbing, cubitus valgus and broad chest with widely spaced nipples were commonly seen in patients with Turner[] Turner Syndrome (TS) due to the complete deletion of all or part of the X chromosome results in primary amenorrhea.[] Hirsutism and clitoromegaly were present. Ultrasound examination showed polycystic appearance of the ovary.[]

  • Female Infertility due to Anovulation

    spaced nipples, sexual infantilism.[] Updated on: 02/23/15 Turner Syndrome Symptoms[] This deficiency is also termed non classic congenital adrenal hyperplasia and can occur in 1-10% of women with hirsutism.[]

  • 46,XX Ovarian Dysgenesis-Short Stature Syndrome

    The most common type of Turner syndrome is the classic syndrome, representing 50% of all Turner syndrome cases.[] spaced nipples, sexual infantilism.[] ., hirsutism, severe acne ) Both males and females Childhood Tall stature Osteoporosis (e.g., fractures following minimal trauma) Mothers of affected children may experience[]

  • Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism

    spaced nipples, or multiple pigmented nevi) See Clinical Presentation for more detail.[] Abstract Turner's syndrome is a sporadic disorder of human females in which all or part of one X chromosome is deleted 1.[] Does the patient have any features associated with Turner's syndrome?[]

  • Secondary Amenorrhea

    spaced nipples, webbed neck, fibrotic “streak ovaries” Central endocrine abnormalities Most commonly functional hypothalamic amenorrhea: conditions such as chronic illness[] A partial long arm deletion of one X chromosome was observed in a patient with secondary amenorrhea and with no features of Turner's syndrome.[] […] e.g., eating disorder, excessive exercise, hyperandrogenism, visual defects, vaginal dryness, and hot flashes physical examination e.g., body mass index, acne, hirsutism,[]

  • Hypogonadism

    spaced nipples, or multiple pigmented nevi) See Clinical Presentation for more detail.[] Turner syndrome can cause miscarriage. In fact almost 20% of all first trimester miscarriages are down to Turner syndrome.[] -Polycystic ovarian syndrome: hirsutism, acne, menstrual disturbances, insulin resistance and, frequently, obesity, form part of this syndrome.[]

  • Disproportionate Short Stature - Ptosis - Valvular Heart Lesions

    spaced nipples Pectus excavatum or pectus carinatum (up to 90% have both, usually pectus carinatum superiorly and pectus excavatum inferiorly) Scoliosis As patients age,[] How common is Turner syndrome? Turner syndrome occurs in about one in 2,500 females.[] […] infections Feeding difficulties Hyperactivity Neonatal hypotonia Prominent nasal bridge Synophrys Narrow chest Thick eyebrow Single transverse palmar crease Highly arched eyebrow Hirsutism[]

  • Familial Short Stature

    spaced nipples, pectus excavatum or carinatum, breast development Genitourinary – accurate Tanner staging Anthropometry Growth charts are very helpful for assessing growth[] Ellison JW et al. (1997) PHOG, a candidate gene for involvement in the short stature of Turner syndrome. [ ] 14.[] , facial coarsening, hair loss, non-pitting edema suggest hypothyroidism Lymphedema is observed with Turner syndrome Increased weight, cushingoid features (buffalo hump, hirsutism[]

  • Cornelia De Lange Syndrome

    spaced central incisors, micrognathia and short extended neck Figure 2: Syndactyly of 2nd and 3rd fingers with simian crease Pectus excavatum with wide spaced nipples and[] Turner syndrome (TS) results from the partial or complete absence of one of the X chromosomes, usually associated with congenital lymphedema, short stature, and gonadal dysgenesis[] There was a distinct facial dysmorphism with arched and bushy eyebrows, long philtrum, thin upper lip, depressed nasal bridge and hirsutism.[]

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