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42 Possible Causes for HLA-B5

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  • Behçet Disease

    BS mainly affects young adult males, and there is an association with HLA-B5 and HLA-B51 (B5101).[] A statistically significant increased incidence of HLA-B5 or Bw51 was noted in the patients as compared with the normal control subjects.[] • Frequency of HLA-A, B, and C antigens was studied in 184 patients with Behçet's disease to investigate the immunogenetically determined predisposition to this disease.[]

  • Thromboangiitis Obliterans

    It occurs more commonly in people with HLA-A9 and HLA-B5 genotypes. Prevalence is highest in Asia and the Middle East.[] Genetic factors implicated Autoimmune component which is not fully understood Chronic anaerobic periodontal infection Genetics Greater prevalence of HLA-A54, HLA-A9, and HLA-B5[] HLA-B12 antigen may be associated with disease resistance.[]

  • Eales Disease

    The gene frequency of HLA B5 (B51) in our group of patients and controls was comparable with other earlier studies in the Indian population.[] Murphy y col: in their study of 55 patients in the USA, found that men and women were equally affected HLA-B5 : Behcet estomatitis aftosa (úlceras o llagas en la boca), úlceras[] B5, DR1 and DR 4 Probably this HLA predisposition could be responsible for the presence of sequestered mycobacterium CLASSIFICATION: Periphlebitis of unknown aetiology Vasculitis[]

  • Recurrent Oral Ulceration

    Abstract Among 50 patients with recurrent oral ulceration (ROU) the prevalence of HLA B5 was not increased as was the case among 50 patients with Behçet's Syndrome (BS) compared[] These results suggest that HLA-B12, B5, DR7 and DR2 might in some way be associated with tissue localization of disease.[] On the other hand, HLA DR4 was present in 16 of 30 (53%) patients with ROU whereas the same allele was present in 16% of BS patients and 22% of the healthy controls.[]

  • Idiopathic anterior Uveitis

    Incidences of HLA-B5 (60.6%, X 2 6.76, p[] […] antigens to determine if there were any associations between particular HLA antigen and the diseases.[] […] with Behcet's disease, 24 with various anterior uveitis, including 14 idiopathic uveitis, and 95 healthy individuals in Kinki district of Japan, were tissue typed for 16 HLA[]

  • Preexcitation Syndrome

    There was an increased frequency of HLA-A9 and HLA-B5 (P 0.026 and 0.0092) in the investigated population as a whole.[] The participation of HLA-A3 antigen was significantly less among patients (P 0.03), while HLA-B14 antigen was not found in patients with preexcitation.[] The results of the frequency of HLA system antigens were compared to the results of the control group of a Croatian population consisting of 175 people.[]

  • Cogan Syndrome

    Additional laboratory tests, including complete blood count, urinalysis, serum electrolytes, creatinine, liver transaminases, angiotensin converting enzyme, HLA-B5, antinuclear[]

  • Optic Nerve Edema-Splenomegaly Syndrome

    HLA-B5. Recurrent oral and genital ulceration, erythema nodosum, arthirits, thrombophelbitis, vasculitis, myo/pericarditis, pyramidal signs and colitis.[]

  • Herpes Gestationis

    The more serious case (widespread cutaneous involvement, repeated fetal deaths) had a very powerful anti-HLA-A9 anti-HLA-B5 antibody (titre 1/1000); the other had less severe[] […] skin lesions; she had an anti-HLA-B13 antibody (titre was 1/256).[]

  • Etretinate

    All four patients are the product of a second cousin marriage; all demonstrate the B5 locus on HLA typing.[]

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