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  • Corticotropin

    Obesity in the mouse model of pro-opiomelanocortin deficiency responds to peripheral melanocortin. Nat. Med 5, 1066-1070. ‎[] […] radiolabeled analog, [ 125 I]-PD-sauvagine, with high signal-to-noise ratio, was used in autoradiographic studies to map the distribution of CRF receptor binding sites in the mouse[] Abstract Corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) is a key component of the neuroendocrine response to stress.[] (GH)-release via modulating growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) secretion.[] In experiments utilizing a CRF-tomato reporter mouse, EtOH did not significantly alter the basal membrane potential of CeA CRF neurons.[]

  • Influenza Virus

    […] and enhance the expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines to increase pathogenicity.[] This is the first report showing bioequivalence of OSV-FB to its phosphate salt form in the mouse system.[] [less] Variability of maximum virus yield and the time delay before cells start to release considerable amounts of progeny virus particles.[] We observed significant compartment-specific immune responses correlated with changes in hormonal synthesis and regulation.[] Effects of Cappariloside A were also evaluated in a mouse model of influenza virus infection.[]

  • Thyrotropin

    TSH levels were normalised with the addition of mouse serum to the patient's sample, confirming the presence of human anti-mouse antibodies as the interfering substance in[] Thyrotropin-releasing hormone appeared very early in the evolution of vertebrates , and, while its concentration is highest in the hypothalamus , the total amount of thyrotropin-releasing[] hormone (FSH).[] SCH mouse model, which is characterized by elevated serum TSH but similar thyroid hormone levels, was used to study the role of TSH in T cell development.[] Thyrotropin-releasing hormone, also called thyrotropin-releasing factor (TRF), thyroliberin , or protirelin , is a tripeptide hormone that stimulates the release of thyroid-stimulating[]

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  • Varicella-Zoster Virus Infection

    KEYWORDS: Human lung; Infection; SCID-hu mouse; Varicella-zoster virus[] […] recruits the adaptor protein ASC and caspase-1 to form an NLRP3 inflammasome complex independent of AIM2 protein and in the absence of free radical reactive oxygen species release[] […] infection was accompanied by a polydermatomal rash with typical morphologic characteristics, followed by cutaneous dissemination and the syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone[] We first investigated autophagy in human skin xenografts in the severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) mouse model of VZV pathogenesis, and observed that autophagosomes were[] Article / Publication Details First-Page Preview Published online: April 23, 1999 Issue release date: April 1999 Number of Print Pages: 6 Number of Figures: 1 Number of Tables[]

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  • Yersinia Pseudotuberculosis

    A phoP-phoQ null mutant of a strain of Y. pseudotuberculosis cured of its native plasmid pYV was obtained and studied for generation of immune response in mouse model following[] We found that virulent Y. pseudotuberculosis was able to prevent secondary granule release.[] KEYWORDS: Graves’ disease; OmpF porin; Serological cross-reactivity; Thyroid-stimulating hormone receptor; Yersinia pseudotuberculosis[] The ifp and invC genes were not expressed under in vitro conditions but were found to be induced in the Peyer's patches of the mouse intestinal tract.[] A yopK mutant, which is attenuated in the mouse infection model, where it fails to cause systemic infection, was found to colonize Peyer's patches and mesenteric lymph nodes[]

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  • Legionnaires' Disease

    In a mouse model of Legionnaires' disease, cGAS- and STING-deficient animals exhibited higher bacterial loads as compared to wild-type mice.[] An electronic control system turned off cooling tower pumps during low-demand periods, preventing delivery of disinfectant by a timed-release system, and leading to amplification[] Abstract BACKGROUND: Medical textbooks often list Legionnaires' disease as a differential diagnosis of the syndrome of inappropriate secretion of anti-diuretic hormone (ADH[] Snyder claims he didn’t know about it until a few days before he released the information on January 13, 2016.[] , the majority of which had diversified from a single progenitor through mutation, recombination, and horizontal gene transfer within an environmental reservoir prior to release[]

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  • Physical Exertion

    […] to the headword on every page being animated, you can trace the correct stroke order inside a character outline as well as write the character using just your finger or a mouse[] The leukocytes responded to LPS activation with increasing release of inflammatory cytokines throughout the study period.[] Abstract The pulsatile release of growth hormone (GH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) from the anterior pituitary gland is integral for signaling secretion of insulin-like growth[] The content of the press release has been approved by the investigator.[] Abstract The pulsatile release of growth hormone (GH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) from the anterior pituitary gland is integral for signaling secretion of insulin-like growth[]

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  • Mazindol

    Suppression of mouse-killing was reduced by lesions placed in the septal area of the brain.[] In contrast, the diminished release of DA in the presence of desmethylimipramine persisted over the K range of 20–60 mM.[] Abstract Mazindol has been reported to improve muscle function in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) by virtue of its growth hormone (GH) suppression.[] […] all possible variations for your translation, Voice Recognition for dictation capabilities and Voice Commands that allow you to call out the tasks you need without using mouse[] Abstract Human growth hormone (hGH) inhibition may be beneficial for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) patients and slow the rate of progression of the disease.[]

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  • Trimetrexate

    Mouse wheel zoom is available as well – the size of the trimetrexate molecule can be increased or decreased by scrolling the mouse wheel.[] Article / Publication Details First-Page Preview Published online: May 18, 2000 Issue release date: May 2000 Number of Print Pages: 7 Number of Figures: 2 Number of Tables[] TMTX at this dose and schedule is inactive in advanced, hormone-refractory prostate cancer.[] (MH) TRIMETREXATE: TREATMENT _ IND HOAX The only AIDS drug released thus far under the Treatment IND program has been Trimetrexate.[] Abstract Thirty-one patients with bidimensionally measurable hormone-refractory prostatic cancer received trimetrexate (TMTX).[]

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  • Bacillus Subtilis

    Immunological characteristics of recombinant spore coat protein were evaluated in a mouse model. The levels of CsCP-specific antibodies were detected by ELISA.[] […] mechanistically through evaluation of Apoptosis/necrosis ratio, DNA fragmentation, histone deacetylase activity, mitochondrial transmembrane potential (Δψm), cytochrome C release[] Abstract Human growth hormone (hGH) is the major and important hormone component of human being.[] The directionally released antibiotic alters S. aureus virulence factor production and colonization.[] Metabolites possibly responsible for these plant-beneficial properties were identified as the hormone gibberellin and (lipo)peptide antibiotics respectively.[]

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