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2,685 Possible Causes for Horner's Syndrome, Relative Macrocephaly in Childhood, Transient Ischemic Attack

  • Stroke

    Silent stroke was equally common in different types of transient ischemic attack, including transient monocular blindness.[] Studies there showed that she too had global aphasia and right hemiparesis without Horner syndrome, and had an NIHSS score of 17.[] Presence of clinical features such as Horner's syndrome, Brown-Sequard syndrome and the absence of cranial nerve palsies in acute hemiparesis are indicative of SSEH rather[]

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  • Transient Ischemic Attack

    What is transient ischemic attack?[] syndrome, head or neck pain, or cranial nerve palsy) or no symptoms.[] ischemic attack or minor stroke.[]

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  • Migraine

    When aura without headache begins in older individuals and is not completely typical, it resembles a transient ischemic attack, in which a blood vessel supplying a part of[] […] of absent vision with a shimmering or glittering zigzag border Physical findings during a migraine headache may include the following: Cranial/cervical muscle tenderness Horner[] , unstable angina, coronary artery bypass surgery or other revascularization procedure, stroke, or transient ischemic attack 3 months before starting the study Currently participating[]

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  • Hypotension

    This usually takes the form of a transient ischemic attack (TIA) precipitated by a blood pressure drop (Brozman et al, 2002).[] […] symptoms Symptoms of decreased sympathetic function may include the following: Orthostatic hypotension Decreased sweating Ejaculatory dysfunction Ptosis associated with Horner[] ischemic attack Dementia Chronic kidney disease Peripheral arterial disease Retinopathy TABLE 7.[]

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  • Carotid Artery Dissection

    The vascular variant, stylocarotid syndrome, can present as headache, transient ischemic attack, or stroke.[] , a Swiss ophthalmologist, described the classic triad of findings in this condition which then became known as “Horner syndrome”. 1 Horner syndrome is classically described[] In carotid artery dissections, prodromal symptoms such as transient ischemic attack, like in our patient, are rarely present in children.[]

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  • Brain Stem Infarction

    Although a transient ischemic attack was initially suspected, her condition deteriorated in a manner that was consistent with left hemiplegia with severe dysarthria.[] Wallenberg syndrome: occlusion of posterior inferior cerebellar artery → lesion of the lateral medulla, presenting as an ipsilateral Horner syndrome; loss of pain and temperature[] Sign Up Where in the brainstem would the lesion be found for a patient with contralateral loss of all sensation, severe tremor, and ipsilateral Horner syndrome?[]

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  • Vertebral Artery Dissection

    This is a report of the infrequently documented occipital to vertebral artery bypass to stop the transient ischemic attacks following traumatic vertebral artery dissection[] OBJECTIVE: To study the prognostic importance of Horner syndrome (HS) in patients with internal carotid artery dissection (ICAD) or vertebral artery dissection (VAD).[] The authors describe the case of a 42-year-old male who presented with multiple posterior circulation transient ischemic attacks.[]

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  • Fibromuscular Hyperplasia of the Carotid Artery

    Ultrasound examination of the carotid artery has recently become an accepted procedure in screening patients with transient ischemic attacks.[] syndrome Dissection There is no cure for FMD.[] ischemic attacks.[]

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  • Neurofibromatosis Type 1

    The clinical manifestations of Moyamoya are variable and include transient ischemic attack (TIA), ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke, and epilepsy.[] The number of café au lait macules increases with age in childhood, similar to what is observed in NF1 [Author, personal observation]. Macrocephaly.[] Neurological examination was abnormal in four with weakness, sensory change, or Horner's syndrome that could be attributed to the tumours or to postoperative change.[]

  • Fibromuscular Dysplasia

    We report a patient with fibromuscular dysplasia and recurrent orthostatic transient ischemic attacks where fall in cerebral perfusion was clearly demonstrated by TCD.[] syndrome Dissection There is no cure for FMD.[] ischemic attack or stroke.[]

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