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273 Possible Causes for Horseshoe Kidney, Learning Disabilities

  • Turner Syndrome

    It was reported that 15-35% of Turner syndrome cases (TS) also display horseshoe kidney condition.[] Here we present an 11-year-old female who was referred for evaluation of her short stature and learning disabilities.[] Other symptoms include kidney problems, heart problems, swelling, behavioral disorders and learning disabilities. What are Turner syndrome care options?[]

  • Prader-Willi Syndrome

    The patient reported herein had previously unreported anomalies of mega cisterna magna, horseshoe kidney and the rare neonatal interstitial lung disease known as pulmonary[] disabilities, hormonal deficiencies, and specific physical characteristics.[] Obesity, mild mental retardation or learning disability, and behavior problems, especially in association with food and eating, result in a debilitating physical and developmental[]

  • Velocardiofacial Syndrome

    Small kidneys, horseshoe kidney, single kidney, and duplicated collecting systems have been reported.[] Abstract Velocardiofacial syndrome (VCFS), also known as 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, is a neurogenetic disorder that is associated with both learning disabilities and a consistent[] disabilities) in a Brazilian boy presenting face and pinna asymmetries.[]

  • Microdeletion 3q29 Syndrome

    Congenital malformations are not common: there are only rare reports of horseshoe kidney, hypospadias and congenital heart defects (patent ductus arteriosus).[] disability, epilepsy and eating disorders.[] kidney hypospadias ligamentous laxity recurrent middle ear infections abnormal pigmentation Genes involved The deletion encompasses 22 genes, including PAK2 DLG1 References[]

  • Klinefelter Syndrome

    There is also a risk of renal anomalies including horseshoe kidneys.[] Learning disability; delayed speech development; behavioural problems; psychosocial disturbances.[] Children and adolescents with Klinefelter syndrome (XXY) have been reported to show deficits in language processing including VIQ PIQ and a learning disability in reading[]

  • Russell-Silver Syndrome

    Abstract We describe a case of Russell-Silver syndrome associated with horseshoe kidney in a three-year-eleven-month-old boy.[] LP's history and test findings yielded a profile consistent with a nonverbal learning disability, with significantly higher verbal compared to nonverbal intelligence, deficient[] Intelligence may be normal, although the person may have a learning disability. Birth defects of the urinary tract may be present.[]

  • FRAXA Syndrome

    kidney, hydronephrosis, polykystic kidneys, hyploplastic kidneys.[] Symptoms & Signs Common symptoms of FRAXA syndrome vary from mild to severe mental impairment or learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder or hyperactivity, anxiety[] disabilities.[]

  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

    kidney, dysplastic/hypoplastic kidney Ocular: Strabismus seen along with optic nerve hypoplasia; Others: Cleft lip and palate, webbed short neck, tetralogy of fallot, coarctation[] FAS/partial FAS may contribute to the extremely high rate of growth retardation in South Africa as a whole and is a major cause of learning disability.[] These effects can include physical, mental, behavioral and/or learning disabilities with lifelong implications and are irreversible.[]

  • Verloove-Van Horick-Brubakk Syndrome

    kidney, cryptorchidism), and facial malformations (bilateral cleft lip and palate, micrognathia , small, low-set ears without external meatus).[] Fragile X Syndrome August 28, 2018 by Peter Ciszewski Fragile X Syndrome is a genetic condition that causes a range of developmental problems including learning disabilities[] Increased risk of learning disabilities in low birth weight boys at age 11 years. Biol Psychiatry 2000 ;47: 490 - 500 36. Moss N.[]

  • Renal Cysts and Diabetes Syndrome

    Renal anomalies range from renal agenesis to horseshoe kidney, enlarged renal pelvis and renal cysts.[] disability - Liver / hepatic steatosis - Male internal genitalia anomaly / deferent ducts agenesis / ectopy / duplication - Pancreatic failure / exocrine pancreas disease[] , single kidney, horseshoe kidney, and hyperuricaemic nephropathy.[]

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