172 Possible Causes for Hot Flushes in USA

    • Menopause Ovarian Disorder
      Hot Flushes
    • Ovariectomy
      Hot Flushes
    • Food Intolerance
      Hot Flushes
    • Tamoxifen
      Hot Flushes

      You can get hot flushes. … Talk to your doctor if your hot flushes are hard to cope with. … Around 40 out of 100 people (40%) have moderate to severe hot flushes and sweats while taking tamoxifen and for some time afterwards.[1]

    • Male Hypogonadism
      Hot Flushes

      • Low sex drive/loss of interest in sex • Difficulty getting and keeping an erection • Infertility • Hot flushes, sweating • Loss of hair • Decreased muscle bulk and /or strength … flushes in some cases of acute onset. … flushes in certain cases of acute onset.[2] [3]

    • Leuprolide
      Hot Flushes
    • Menopause
      Hot Flushes

      flushes and night sweats (hot flushes causing nocturnal awakenings). … flushes). … The reason why some women develop hot flushes is yet to be determined, but it may include thermoregulatory problems due to decreased estrogen levels, among other changes.[4]

    • Heroin Withdrawal
      Hot Flushes

      The Effects of Heroin After an intravenous injection of heroin, users report feeling a surge of euphoria (a “rush”) accompanied by a dry mouth, hot flushes, heaviness of the[5]

    • Estrogen Deficiency
      Hot Flushes

      If you have troubling hot flush es/ night sweats look at “ Natural Therapies for Hot Flushes ”. … The second non- estrogen treatment shown to be effective for hot flush es is 20 mg a day of medroxyprogesterone ( 6 ). … The goals of menopausal HT are: to reduce symptoms resulting from estrogen depletion, including hot flushes, sleeplessness, lethargy, and depressed mood treat urogenital atrophy[6] [7]

    • Premature Ovarian Failure
      Hot Flushes

      The ovaries stop producing estrogen and so symptoms including hot flushes, mood changes and vaginal dryness occur. … Common symptoms include the cessation of menses, and the development of hot flushes and vaginal dryness. … These include: Irregular periods/Stopping of periods Hot flushes/Night sweats Mood swings/Anxiety/Depression/Panic attacks Vaginal dryness Loss of sex drive Urinary tract[8] [9] [10]

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